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CG Pro - Houdini Fundamentals for Generalists

[USD and Unreal Engine]

Houdini is an incredible tool that has so much functionality, yet is challenging to learn.  With CG Pro's step by step method of virtually live teaching, begin to enjoy this powerful program.  Starts Saturday July 22, 2023 from 9am Pacific to 12:30pm for eight weeks

What you'll get:

  • Project based learning - Create a world in USD and push it into Unreal Engine, introduce simple FX concepts, introduce motion processing useful for Realtime and VP
  • Weds night office hours to answer questions 6:30-8:30pm Pacific
  • Occasional guest speaker takeovers on Thurs evenings
  • Private FB group to get support from Edd and fellow classmates
  • On demand access to the recordings


  1. Houdini Foundation Pt 1 - Proceduralism, UI, Operators demystified / contexts,SOPs basics - Points attributes etc, project intro
  2. Houdini Foundation Pt 2 - Attributes deep dive / spreadsheet, VEX, wrangles
  3. LOPs basics - Solaris, USD, creating, Authoring, I/O, Layout
  4. Environment Building - SOPs and LOPS, Landscape, Scattering
  5. FX basics - Vellum quick guide
  6. Motion / KineFX - retargeting + Into Unreal 
  7. Geo (and FX and motion) Output - Unreal Hooks - USD, VertexAnimTex, Landscapes, Houdini Engine
  8. Rendering - Karma and Unreal

What People Are Saying:

I'm jealous! Edd has that rare sought after combination of a great artistic eye and proper technical prowess. A lethal mix of talent and skills which allow him to nail every VFX challenge in front of him. Equally importantly, his good organisation and planning makes sure the job gets delivered. Very personable and patient, he has the ability to add real value to any team, focused on getting the most out of himself as well as those around him.

Sean Elliott