Your Gateway to Navigating the Path of Computer Graphic. Discover an inclusive community for weekly live labs based on skill level, bi-weekly masterclasses, networking opportunities, and more…all in one place!

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Filmmaking, games & computer graphics

An exciting, rapidly evolving field, yet a tough space to navigate solo. Many struggle with mastering the complex tools, technical hiccups, limited learning resources or just keeping ahead of the game. Do you? 


Or maybe you’re a company looking for advice outside of your existing resources?


Either way, CG Pro Inner Circle provides the tools and support needed to grow. Our collaborative community of artists lets you leverage relationships, gain insights from industry experts, and offers access to reel reviews. 


It’s time to go from isolation and trying to figure everything out on your own to a being a team-oriented, industry-ready professional.

The Inner Circle has all the resources you need to Uncover and Utilize Your Full Creative Potential!

Weekly Labs, Coaching & Support

Get live support. Learn essential skills. Address your challenges. Get unstuck. All Your questions are answered from knowledgeable, experienced sources you can trust. We provide continuous guidance between sessions through private Facebook support.

World Class Mentors & Guests

Our instructors include some of the brightest minds in the business, here to share their wisdom, secrets, and passion with you. Our featured guests include industry leaders that bring in unique perspectives, insights, and tips to enhance your skills further.

Community & Collaboration

Be part of a valuable networking opportunity. Engage with fellow artists. Build relationships. Open doors to your next big opportunity or exciting new partnership.  We provide a platform for continued interaction with an engaged community.

Unlock an Exclusive Vault of Resources

Access our collection of masterclasses, recordings, and advanced materials… It's an arsenal of creative tools and insightful sessions that you can revisit or use to take a deep dive into a more complex area; all at your convenience. Here's a peek inside:

Indie Filmmaking with Nick Jushchyshyn
Digital Domain, Drexel University

Cloth Simulation with Scott Rosekrans
CG Supervison, Zoic Studios

Blueprints with John Waynick
Creative Director, Intrepid Studios

Perforce with Edd Dawson-Taylor
CG Supervisor, Co-Founder CGPRO

Unreal 5 with William Faucher
VFX/CGI Artist

...and much more! 



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