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A Testimonial Video - Joshua Sikora

Josh Sikora's Experience - Director of Cinema and New Media Arts at Houston Baptist University


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Real-time CG is quickly taking over the film industry — but learning about its virtual cameras, lenses, and sets can be tricky. Tackling this is “Becoming a CG Pro,” an online virtual production course aimed at filmmakers and CG artists hosted by Edward Dawson-Taylor and Jacqueline Cooper, a pair of VFX industry pros with credits on Jurassic World, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King. Click image below to open the podcast link!

Tamara Abas - Unreal Generalist

"My name is Tamara. After I finished college, I really found myself on a plateau, and I really wanted to learn more about the process of virtual production and more importantly, improving my current skillset in Unreal Engine. And that's when I actually signed up for the Unreal Engine for Filmmakers class. What I really loved about this class is you're taught by industry professionals. They have the experience and knowledge, and they're able to provide you with everything you need to know. Step-by-step to be able to create a short film and unreal. I really found myself growing so much through this experience."

Randy Link - Animation Supervisor

"My name is Randy link. I am a visual effects artist and animator and working for the industry I think the last 30ish years. I just recently took the CG pro course from Jackie and Edd. And I wanted to just give it my wholehearted recommendation. They have a really bountiful amount of knowledge between them and the guest speakers. So it was really enjoyable.  It was [also] great to be around the others who are making exciting things. So I can't say enough about it!"

Steve Wilcox - Virtual Production Supervisor

"The CG Pro course, it was a really good experience. I feel that the course is for anyone just starting out with Unreal Engine or up to people like myself, kind of in Unreal for a little while. There had been a project I've been planning on doing for like eight months and it finally kind of gave me the motivation to knock it out.  Definitely say it's well worth the money that I invested into it."

"Great content by two amazing experts, Edd and Jackie. So much value, knowledge and warmth in this course for everyone out there that has the curiosity and means to dive into Unreal."

Oscar Campos
Cinematographer / Colorist / Post producer

"Great class! Tons of information for any level of experience with virtual production. Edd and Jackie both come with tons of knowledge and experience as CG filmmakers"

Alec Birdman
Video Production, Live Events, Interaction Design, Video Editing, Event Production, Videography, and Graphic Design

The Challenge: How to thrive as a Well-Paid passionate CG Industry Professional with cutting edge skills

  • HOW do you keep developing the artist's eye?
  • HOW do you keep developing the technical skills?
  • HOW do you become a known problem solver?
  • HOW do you get to be know for getting tons done and being super organized?
  • HOW do you develop your network?
  • HOW do you KNOW what people are looking for?
  • WHERE are the opportunities, and how to win?
  • HOW to come up with a real strategy to get real results?
  • HOW do you do it by yourself?
  • HOW do you keep motivated and moving forward?
  • HOW do you get paid well for your skills?


HOW do you thrive once you get through the door?


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The Answers:


  • Learn from pros who have the answers

  • Find a solid community

  • Create the winning showreel

  • Repetition









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