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For industry professionals wanting to level up their skills to stay relevant in a competitive market AND those dreaming of a future in realtime, VFX, or games but are unsure where to start!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024




5:00 pm - 7:30 pm PST




The comfort of your home! Virtual, Live, Interactive.

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  • Experience a lesson
  • Take a tour
  • Meet our instructors
  • Learn more about our classes
  • Speak with our admissions team
  • Career advice
  • Meet CG Pro graduates

July:  Mad Max VAD demo!  Plus meet the former global trainer of DNEG and hear a few anecdotes about his experience working on the film. 

Only 40 seats up for grabs — Make one of them yours.  Free upon application approval, spots not guaranteed


Who - Meet some of your awesome mentors:

  • Edward Dawson-Taylor, Head of School, CG Supervisor
  • Scott Rosekrans, Virtual Production Supervisor at Zoic Studios
  • Arvin Villapando, Advanced Technical Artist (Performance, Shading, Procedural, Lighting)
  • John Waynick, Senior Lighting and Environment Artist at Intrepid Studios
  • Cami Smith, Sr. Executive Games Recruiter
  • TBD
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What do you get when you attend the CG Pro Open Day…

Lets break it down.

Live Demonstration

Experience a live online demo from Edd, our head of school and GC supervisor.

Intro to Courses and Instructors

Benefit from a detailed overview of our courses and instructor backgrounds. You’ll gain a clear perspective of your potential educational journey.

Individualized Career Advice

Separate into breakout rooms based on the topic of your career path. We’ll hold in-depth discussions and provide insight for your specific aspirations.

Get a Front-Row Seat to the Exciting Innovations of the Virtual Production World

Discover the Right Career Path You’re Meant For.


Have you ever felt that tug at your heart when you saw a brilliantly executed game or film scene and thought, "I wish I could do that!"? 

Even experienced professionals have knowledge to gain.It’s time to unveil the mysteries, and set you on a path of CGI mastery.

This is your golden ticket.

Our Open Day is more than just an informational session — it’s a gateway. A gateway to align your creative aspirations with in-demand tangible skills that’ll define your path forward. 

No more second-guessing or confusion. We offer only clarity and answers you’ve been looking for. 

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What’s in Store For You?

 Experience the CG Pro Difference:
Take a virtual tour and navigate the corridors of CG Pro. See how our classes work, what sets us apart, and our commitment to bringing out your inner creativity.

✔ Meet Your Future Mentors:
Engage with our expert instructors for various courses and workshops. Get up close and see why they're the BEST in the business.

✔ Discover YOUR Perfect Program:
Unsure which course aligns with your goals? Get a comprehensive overview of our courses. We’re here to guide, advice, and help you meet your perfect match.

✔ Chat with Admissions:
Finances, courses, and schedules, we’ll address it all. Bring your questions and we’ll discuss the nitty-gritty of our programs — leaving zero obstacles between you and your dreams.

✔ Industry and Career Advice:
Got burning questions? Our Q&A session is all about clarity and real-talk concerning your path.

And that’s not all… All attendees get access to a Bonus Demo Lesson in Unreal Engine

Get your hands on our Demo Lesson in Unreal Engine — even if you never used the program before. 

Led by the world’s leading industry pro, Edd Dawson-Taylor, who’s worked on The Lion KingJurassic World, and The Jungle Book.

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We're opening our doors — but only for the first serious and committed 40 people!

Limiting our Open Day to 40 participants isn't about purposeless exclusivity. It's about ensuring a focused, interactive experience with those who want to be with us.

In fact, we'll be sending a quick questionnaire after you sign up — to make sure we're on the same page.

With a smaller group, everyone gets the opportunity to participate, ask questions, and truly engage. We’re prioritizing quality over quantity, seeking individuals genuinely committed to their creative journey. 

The cap ensures that you get the most out of this event. If CGI and Virtual Production are more than just a passing interest for you, there’s a seat with your name on it.

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Students Showreel

Video Poster Image

Meet Your Lead Instructor

Edward Dawson-Taylor

Edd has deep hands-on experience in the CG world. He has worked for ILMDisney, and Digital Domain on blockbuster films – Jurassic WorldThe Lion King, and The Jungle Book.

Widely recognized as a cutting-edge technologist, he has led teams of developers in architecting and enhancing VFX-related software.

He has also done innovative work with simulation and pipelines in the worlds of visual design and automotive industries.

As co-founder of CG Pro, he creates and teaches dynamic courses focused on Unreal Engine, VFX tools, and the emerging world of Virtual Production.

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