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 CG Pro School Launches First-Ever Support Community for Computer Graphics Artists


CG Pro Inner Circle supports visual effects students and professionals with real-time access to industry experts

Los Angeles, CA, February 27, 2024 – CG Pro Inner Circle launches today, providing a first-of-its-kind community for live, expert-led support for visual effects artists in the film and games industries. Now in their third year of offering courses, CG Pro co-founders Edward Dawson-Taylor and Jacqueline Cooper identified a gap in the growing computer graphics training industry: the need to get help with difficult problems, live from experts, while building bonds within their community. CG Pro teaches Virtual Production, Game Development, Visual Effects, and specialized Unreal Engine training live to a wide range of students, ranging from experienced industry professionals, to university professors, to corporate specialists, to newcomers.

CG Pro, founded in 2021, offers the highest-quality training live online, enhancing the abilities of those already employed and providing essential skill sets to those seeking to break into the field. While several other schools offer , in-person, training across multiple semesters or as pre-recorded courses, CG Pro is uniquely dedicated to live teaching, in-person support,the latest updates, and building community between artists, professionals, recruiters, and instructors. CG Pro is proud to be one of only 5 Premier Unreal Engine Authorized Training Centers in the world, and the only one in North America.

CG Pro Inner Circle members can participate in four Live Labs per month where expert instructors answer member questions. Support for Inner Circle members will also be available in a private Facebook group as well as via Zoom.

In addition to access to experts, the CG Pro Inner Circle offers additional valuable benefits.

  • Weekly LIVE Support / Office Hours: People bring their reels, work, challenges, and questions to our 4 monthly live office hours for real-time learning and support. Divided into introductory and intermediate skill levels.
  • Bi-Monthly LIVE Masterclasses: Industry experts run regular LIVE Educational sessions, tailored to both intermediate and entry-level learners.
  • Pre-recorded Masterclasses:
    • Unrestricted access to the full vault of prior masterclasses.
    • Access to the on-demand Intro to Unreal workshop and other bonus material including CG Summit videos.
  • Online Forum support: Post questions and work throughout the week.
  • Reel Review/ Support: LIVE sessions and online reviews
  • Exclusive price reductions on new CG Pro course offerings for yearly subscribers.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals for networking, advice, and potential job opportunities.
  • Recruiting and Instructor Support: Direct support from educators and industry recruiters within a dedicated Facebook (FB) group

Edd Dawson-Taylor shared his excitement about the launch of CG Pro Inner Circle: “Our Inner Circle is the embodiment of our fundamental philosophy as both artists and educators. We are so passionate about helping people to solve tough problems and to succeed at their careers- it’s the main reason why we founded CG Pro. The human touch is key to both great visual effects and effective learning. The Inner Circle allows us to offer a helping hand as we build relationships with our students, and at the same time, between our students and industry pros for years to come. The world of CG is changing fast. This group is the best way we believe you can keep up to date.”

After his experience in the CG Pro Inner Circle’s beta release, computer graphics artist Chris Barnett recounted, “CG Pro's Inner Circle is my 'phone-a-friend' lifeline when stuck on a project. The mentorship and technical support provided in this group are unlike anything I've experienced before. Truly a top-notch service, and also where most of my industry friends are! I don't know what I'd do without it.”

The CG Pro Inner Circle launches Tuesday, February 27 at

About CG Pro

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CG Pro is a trailblazer in digital arts and technology education, founded by industry veterans Edward Dawson-Taylor (Jungle Book, Lion King) and Jacqueline Cooper (Tron, Harry Potter). The school offers a wide array of live online courses in Virtual Production, Game Design, VFX, and specialized Unreal Engine training, all taught by leading industry professionals. One of only 5 Premier Unreal Authorized Training Centers globally, CG Pro offers an array of custom private group training for teams and companies in film, games and other industries including simulation.

 CG Pro Announces Strategic Partnership with Vu Technologies to Offer Unreal Engine Training


Empowering the Next Generation of Content Creators through Innovative Virtual Production Training

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 25, 2023 – CG Pro, a leading institution in digital arts and technology training, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Vu Technologies, North America's largest network of Virtual Production studios. This collaboration provides specialized Unreal Engine, World Building, and operational training for Vu customers, making cutting-edge Virtual Production techniques accessible to a broader audience.

"Our partnership with CG Pro School aligns with the recent launch of Vu One and Virtual Studio and our commitment to making cutting-edge Virtual Production techniques possible for creators of all backgrounds,” said Jonathan Davila, President and Co-Founder at Vu Technologies. “Whether they are new to virtual production or looking to brush up on their skills, Vu customers can now receive the education needed through training at the highest levels to succeed in this dynamic industry."

Virtual Production has revolutionized the way digital and physical worlds interact, but, to-date, the steep learning curve and high costs have limited its reach. CG Pro, in partnership with Vu Technologies, aims to democratize this transformative technology. With its new all-in-one production solution, Vu One, which includes an easy-to-use LED wall and generative creative tools, they are making virtual production more accessible than ever before. CG Pro training modules on Virtual Production and Unreal Engine will now be included in that solution.

CG Pro is also now Vu Technologies LIVE training provider, giving direct access for Vu customers to pioneering and comprehensive Virtual Production courses, as well as curriculum development for educational institutions.

Edd Dawson-Taylor, Head of School at CG Pro, expressed: "We’re so excited to become an official training partner with Vu. Together we will further democratize access to Virtual Production at this exciting time in filmmaking and computer graphics.”

Vu One, recently launched by Vu Technologies, is an all-in-one Virtual Production studio that combines state-of-the-art LED display hardware with innovative software solutions, making it quicker and easier than ever before to go from concept to content. Vu One offers a turn-key approach to creators across industries, regardless of their technical expertise or budget constraints.

This partnership not only enhances the capabilities of Vu One but also provides a valuable educational resource to a wider audience. Whether you are a corporation, an educational institution, or an independent creator, this partnership between CG Pro and Vu Technologies opens up new avenues for storytelling in film, advertising, simulation, and other immersive experiences.

About CG Pro

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CG Pro is a trailblazer in digital arts and technology education, founded by industry veterans Edward Dawson-Taylor(Jungle Book, Lion King) and Jacqueline Cooper(Tron, Harry Potter). The school offers a wide array of live online courses in Virtual Production, Game Design, VFX, and specialized Unreal Engine training, all taught by leading industry professionals.

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About Vu Technologies

Vu is North America’s largest network of virtual studios and an emerging force in shaping the growing virtual production market. With a creatively diverse and technologically forward-thinking team of experts, Vu blends art and science to redefine virtualization and unlock new ways to visualize the world. With an expanding global network of Vu-operated and affiliate studios, its flagship all-in-one production solution, Vu One (, the Virtual Studio software platform, and a world-class team of creative storytellers, virtual artists, and technologists, Vu enables greater access to advanced virtual production technology. To learn more about Vu, please visit

 CG Pro Named One of Five Premier Unreal Authorized Training Centers Globally


Elevating the Future of Digital Arts and Technology through Industry Leading Unreal Engine Training

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 24, 2023 – CG Pro, a leader in digital arts and technology education, is excited to announce its designation by Epic Games as a Premier Unreal Authorized Training Center. CG Pro joins an exclusive group, one of only five Premier level training centers globally and the first and only Premier center in North America.

"We are thrilled to become a Premier Unreal Authorized Training Center! It is an honor to be a Premier training partner of Epic Games, and this distinction is a reflection of our commitment to the consistent quality and innovation that CG Pro brings to its public and corporate offerings," said Edd Dawson-Taylor, Head of School at CG Pro. "We are committed to pushing the boundaries in digital arts and technology, and this recognition empowers us to bring Unreal Engine's groundbreaking tools to an even wider audience."

This status comes as the School enters its third year of training students and companies on the latest released versions of the widely used Unreal Engine platform.  CG Pro became an Unreal Authorized Training Center initially in 2021, and the World's first Connectors Authorized Training Centre in 2022.  Premier status reflects a commitment to the highest quality live training, coming from top experts in multiple industries including Film, Broadcast, Games, Simulation, Aerospace and more.


A New Era in Unreal Engine Training

As a Premier Unreal Authorized Training Center,  CG Pro offers an unparalleled range of specialized courses, from public offerings to private and custom solutions. Among the many LIVE online public courses offered they include:

  • Unreal Engine for Filmmakers: A course for beginner or intermediate Unreal Engine artists, in which everyone finishes with a short film in 8 weeks
  • Unreal Engine for ICVFX and Virtual Production: A specialized course that integrates Unreal Engine with Virtual Production techniques.
  • Unreal Engine for Game Design: A comprehensive course focusing on game development using Unreal Engine.
  • Advanced World Building in Unreal for FIlm: A deep dive into creating intricate and dynamic virtual worlds, suitable for Art Departments and more.

Unreal Engine for Fortnite: A focused training in UEFN, which offers independent creators the potential to make their own games and experiences, without the technical, financial and distribution barriers. They stand to benefit from Epic’s industry leading financial model with the Creator Economy 2.0.

As well as the public course offerings, CG Pro offers private and custom training in addition to designing and developing curriculum for other leading educational institutions.

CG Pro has trained countless individuals as well as groups from world leading organizations such as Accenture, Metecs, NASA, Lockheed, Google, SCAD, and many more.


A Global Impact

The Premier Unreal Authorized Training Center designation amplifies CG Pro’s global reach, offering students, professionals, and companies around the world a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the field.

"Unreal Engine plays a key role in multiple industries, ranging from game development and film production to simulation, architectural visualization and many more," added Edd Dawson-Taylor. "As the only Premier Unreal Authorized Training Center in North America, we are uniquely positioned to lead the charge in Unreal Engine education across a wide spectrum of applications."

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About CG Pro

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CG Pro is a trailblazer in digital arts and technology education, founded by industry veterans Edward Dawson-Taylor(Jungle Book, Lion King) and Jacqueline Cooper(Tron, Harry Potter). The school offers a wide array of live online courses in Virtual Production, Game Design, VFX, and specialized Unreal Engine training, all taught by leading industry professionals.

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