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Shannon Thomas

"The way the course was structured did a very good job of starting from the beginning, and going through all the major components of Unreal Engine, like sequencer. And you can go at your own pace"

Pedro Miralles

"Unreal for Filmmakers gave me the skills and the perfect excuse to finalize a personal Project called "The Kite." I learned a lot of things about Light and Simulation I didn't know before. And then you are part of a cool Community!"


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Peter Bowles

"Taking this now and I highly recommend! If you want some teachers that are willing to put the time in to help you and genuinely want you to succeed, this is the right place."


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Tamara Abas

"After I finished college, I really found myself on a plateau, that's when I actually signed up for the Unreal Engine for Filmmakers class. What I really loved is you're taught by industry professionals. They have the experience and knowledge, to provide you with everything you need to know. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and being so supportive, it meant so much to me!"

Randy Link

"I just recently took the CG pro course and I wanted to give it my wholehearted recommendation. They have a really bountiful amount of knowledge between them and the guest speakers. What I learned in the course was helpful beyond belief. It was really enjoyable, it really helped me get my film off the ground and it was great to be around the others."

Steve Wilcox

"There were a lot of things I learned in the class I was able to bring into my Virtual Production work. I really feel like the course is for anyone starting out right up to people like me who have been using Unreal Engine for a while. Some of the speakers gave me some really good insights"

Michael Masucci

"When I began my class at CGPro I had ZERO knowledge of Unreal Engine. I barely knew how to turn it on. After their 8-week curriculum, I had a 2-minute short film and the confidence that I have been taught the building blocks to succeed in this industry working with unreal engine 5. They broke down what seemed to be a daunting piece of software and taught and tailored their class so that all levels of experience in CGI could learn and grow each week. They were always available to help you through any roadblocks that you faced and made you feel like they truly cared about your project and personal growth"

Joshua Sikora

"Currently in this class and it has truly been a game-changing experience. They are wonderful instructors, doing a remarkable job of introducing new users to Unreal, while simultaneously stretching and supporting more experienced artists. The project-based approach means each person comes out the other side with something to be proud of. I'm amazed by the work of everyone in the cohort and it's encouraged me to push harder and grow more while working on my own short film. Tremendous guest speakers and a great collaborative environment, have made this a highly-recommended experience. Thanks, Edd and Jackie!"

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