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Are you frustrated with trawling through so much info on the internet but just want to ask a real expert human a question? Then read on!

Filmmaking, games, and computer graphics are exciting and evolving exponentially. How do you keep up?

Here are a few things that might frustrate you or slow down your progress:

  • Spending too much time looking for answers online.
  • Material that's out of date, or created by beginners
  • Nobody to ask questions to
  • A lack of material on your subject
  • Unresolved technical hiccups blocking progress
  • Lack of motivation from going solo

Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re an individual, trying to get your first break, seasoned pro, hobbyist or company looking for advice outside of your existing resources.

Either way, CG Pro Inner Circle provides the tools and support needed to grow. Our collaborative community of pro artists are here to answer your questions, whether technical, creative or industry focused. 

It’s time to go from isolation and trying to figure everything out on your own, to a community of passionate people committed to helping each other get unstuck, grow and progress as CG Pro's!

The Inner Circle has ALL the resources you need to Uncover and Utilize Your Full Creative Potential!

Weekly LIVE Labs

Get live, skill-level based support during our weekly labs* - so you can get unstuck quickly while you work.


Join them LIVE or revisit the comprehensive vault of masterclasses, recordings, and advanced materials — anytime, anywhere.

Online Support

Are you stuck on a project? We are here to provide continuous guidance between sessions through private Facebook group support.

Community & Collaboration

Engage with fellow artists, industry leaders, and guest speakers — opening doors to your next big opportunity or exciting new partnership.

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*Please note, if your lab question has a lot of depth or complexity (which is great!) it may need an additional solution beyond group coaching to make time for everyone’s questions.


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Here, you are not just another face in the crowd.

You're part of a crew where everyone speaks the language of creativity and tech.

Become a Member and Take Part in Our Weekly Group Coaching Lab!

This is where people get unstuck fast, and sparks of creativity turn into a roaring flame. 

Our courses are an intensive way to get new skills fast!

The Inner Circle is all about ongoing growth and support. It's a LIVE platform for continued interaction with our instructors, mentors and engaged community multiple programs, industries and topics.

These sessions are your safe space to…

Learn Essential Skills

Our Masterclasses are created around topics decided on by the community, bite size high impact skill learning to keep you on the cutting edge. 

Get Unstuck

Our LIVE Labs are designed for you to bring your work, share screen, ask questions and also learn from others challenges too.

Address Project Challenges

Our instructors, mentors, and special guest speakers are ready to provide advice and solutions, LIVE and Offline, if you’re stuck or confused on next steps. 

Join today and unlock an Exclusive Vault of Resources

With access to our collection of 70+ previous masterclasses and Labs recordings...

… you have an arsenal of creative tools and insightful sessions that you can revisit or use to take a deep dive into a more complex area — all at your convenience.

Here’s a sneak peek inside our vault…

✔ Cloth simulation - Scott Rosekrans

✔ Indie filmmaking - Nick Jushchyshyn

âś” Blueprints - John Waynick

âś” Nerfs - Andy Cochrane

✔ LED walls - Steve Wilcox

✔ Perforce - Edd Dawson-Taylor

✔ Intro to Blender - David Andrade

âś” Unreal 05 - William Faucher

The Instructors and Mentors
You’ll Meet Inside…

Our mentors and vault masterclass leaders include some of the brightest minds in the industry. They're here to share their wisdom, their secrets, and their passion with you — each a master of their own domain.

PLUS, all these incredible additional benefits…

  •  Valuable Networking Opportunities: Interact, team up, and build relationships with our diverse group of students.
  •  Weekly Live Labs Based on Skills: Whether you are entry level or more advanced, we’ve got you covered!
  •  Artistic Inspiration from Guest Speaker: Engage with industry leaders that bring in unique perspectives, fresh insights, and secret tips to help enhance your skills further. A Q&A will follow every session, and we actively request topics from our members.
  •  Multiple Tech Artists Checking in with the Group: Get your questions answered from a knowledgeable, experienced source you can trust.
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