Master the Art and Science of Virtual Stagecraft — with Our ICVFX Tech Artist Course for LED and Green Screen

Sharpen Your Skills and Open New Horizons in Virtual Production Under the Guidance of Industry Veteran Scott Rosekrans, VP Supervisor at Zoic Studios.


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Are you eager to dive into the world of Virtual Production but finding it hard to break into? 

Or perhaps you're already in the field but feel overwhelmed by the rapid advancements?

With SO much information out there, it can feel like you're standing at the edge of a vast ocean, trying to catch a wave with a teaspoon. It's overwhelming, confusing, and downright intimidating. 

One moment you've got a grip on the basics — and the next, there's a whole new software, a ground-breaking technique, or a revolutionary workflow.

And it's all too easy to feel outpaced, outsmarted, and outclassed.

The hard truth…

Aspiring tech artists get stuck. Trapped. Frustrated.

It's like staring at a locked door, knowing that an exciting world lies beyond, but lacking the right key to unlock it — unable to reach the creative freedom that drew you to Virtual Production in the first place.

And the casualty? Your creative spirit.

You began this journey filled with enthusiasm, eager to push boundaries, ready to unleash your imagination. But now? You're chained by the relentless pace of technology and the weight of information overload. 

Your eagerness has been replaced with exhaustion — and your excitement with anxiety.

Now imagine if you could…

  • Have a course that's not just about dry, boring theories but more about getting practical, hands-on experience. 
  • Enjoy a step-by-step, comprehensive program WITHOUT the overwhelm and confusion. 
  • Learn from a seasoned industry professional — who's been in the game for years and knows all the insider secrets.
  • Finally crack the code of Virtual Production beyond the basics AND confidently navigate its complexities.
  • Boost your career and get a leg in the industry, all thanks to your advanced skills and expertise.

Ready to make your mark in Virtual Production and become the Tech Artist you've always dreamt of?

We’ve got your back!

Learn the secrets of a seamless virtual scene & stage prep for shooting

Master the specifics of LED Volume Setup with nDisplay

Uncover the technology behind Green Screen shoots using Unreal Engine

Visit an actual LED stage (in LA) and see how  professional production comes alive

Gain valuable insights from an industry expert and VP Supervisor

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In-Camera VFX Tech Artist Course
For LED and Green Screen

In this LIVE comprehensive 6-week course with 30+ hours of mentorship, you're going to unlock the door to an industry that's at the forefront of technology and imagination.


Led by seasoned veteran and industry expert, Scott Rosekrans, you'll embark on a journey that takes you from the foundations of set preparation to the intricacies of on-set cinematography.

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Course Outline

 Week 01

Set Preparation (VAD)

We'll kick things off with set design and set scanning, where we blend theory with practice. You'll learn scene setup, modeling tools, bridge, and Art Dept props. 

Then we'll dive into lighting techniques — everything from pre-light, light baking to dynamic lighting. We’ll also tackle how you can optimize your scene using mesh, texture, and shader optimization.

 Week 02

Color Grading and OCIO

This week is all about the hues and tones. We’ll learn about OCIO and color grading as the color management system required for high imaging, and how to set up levels for collaborative working. By the end, you'll be ready to create master scenes (animation and environment for shooting).

 Week 03

Stage Preparation & Team Work

Time to pull together the A-Team. We'll cover camera tracking (Vive/Oculus trackers), various version control systems (manage your digital assets), and show you the ropes of VR scouting in multi-user and remote sessions. Plus, we'll give you the inside scoop on different integration tools (Remote Control, DMX, Level Snapshot) for seamless real-time production.

 Week 04

Greenscreen Specific Stage Prep and Shoot

This week, we're turning the world green, figuratively. We'll deep dive into everything green screen — from inputs, composure layers, material function-based keyer, and image plate projection. And on top of it? We'll run through an example green screen shoot!

 Week 05

LED Wall-Specific Stage Prep and Shoot

Lights, camera, nDisplay! This week we're setting the stage with a dazzling LED wall setup. We'll navigate the nitty-gritty of nDisplay, Cluster setup, Switchboard, Live Link, and more. And guess what? We’ll run a full-scale LED wall shoot!

 Week 06

Cinematography and On-set Concepts

To wrap up this exciting journey, you'll immerse yourself in the world of cinematography. You'll learn about on-set concepts and how to bring it all together to create unforgettable virtual masterpieces.

Join us on this jam-packed 6-week adventure with everything you need to step into the future of In-Camera VFX. Discover the secret techniques that make the magic on the silver screen and broadcast — and let's get you to the cutting edge of virtual stagecraft!

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Your journey with us is more than a course, it’s an immersive experience.

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • 30+ hours of 100% LIVE, engaging mentorship spread across 6 weeks including…
    Interactive teaching every Sunday (9:00 am to 12:00 pm PT)
  • Office hours for Q&As and Special Guest every Thursday (7:00 pm to 8:00 pm PT)
  • Learn from a seasoned industry professional, Scott Rosekrans — Virtual Production Supervisor at Zioc Studios, sharing his hard-earned wisdom and practical insights.
  • Engage with diverse Guest Speakers every week (TBD), each contributing their unique tips and expertise from various industry roles.
  • Access to course recordings, slides, and projects associated with the course.
  • Exclusive access to the CG PRO private community group.
  • Special bonus of our in-demand ICVFX Workshop absolutely FREE! (Or a credit toward this course if you’ve already purchased the Workshop.)Complementary in-person stage visit! Available in the Los Angeles area!

Hear from Our Course Graduates

Over the years, we've witnessed countless success stories of individuals like you who’ve taken the leap and transformed their lives. Take Tim Main, for example, a recent graduate of the Unreal for Filmmakers Connectors program who landed his dream job working on the next Mad Max movie. It's never too late to learn, and achieving your goals is within your reach. This introductory workshop is your first step towards an exciting future in VFX and filmmaking.


Who is this for?

Aspiring Creators who are just stepping into the expansive world of Virtual Production

Film and Media Professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve by mastering new techniques

Individuals from various industries like VFX, VAD, or Game Dev who want to upgrade their skills

Individuals involved in graphic design, animation, or digital art who are keen on expanding their creative skills

Anyone eager to break into the Virtual Production workforce and scale their career

***All you need is a basic knowledge of Unreal Engine 5 and a computer with the latest version of UE 5 installed. (We also recommend taking our Unreal for Filmmakers Course — though it’s not required.) See the complete specs for more information.

Meet your Instructor

Scott Rosekrans, CG Supervisor & Virtual Production Supervisor at Zoic Studios

With over 15 years of industry experience, Scott is not just any instructor — he's a seasoned veteran in the Virtual Production landscape. 

Whether it's being an on-set VP/VFX supervisor, working behind the scenes as a mocap TD, Crowd TD, cloth and hair TD, rigging TD, dynamics artist, or lighting and animation artist — Scott has done it all.

And now, he's bringing ALL this knowledge and experience to you. 

From previsualization and on-set Virtual Production to postvis and final pixel renders out of the engine — Scott has mastered the entire journey of Virtual Production.

His deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience in various roles ensure that you'll be learning from a versatile professional who knows the industry like the back of his hand.

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