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ICVFX For Tech Artists for LED and Greenscreen

In this LIVE comprehensive 6-week course with 30+ hours of mentorship, you're going to unlock the door to an industry that's at the forefront of technology and imagination. 

Class starts on September 10th, 2023 — that includes…

  • Interactive teaching every Sunday (9:00 am to 12:00 pm PST)
  • Office hours for Q&As and Special Guest every Thursday (7:00 pm to 8:00 pm PT)


What you’ll learn…

Week 01: Set Preparation (VAD)

We'll kick things off with set design and set scanning, where we blend theory with practice. You'll learn scene setup, modeling tools, bridge, and Art Dept props. 

Then we'll dive into lighting techniques — everything from pre-light, light baking to dynamic lighting. We’ll also tackle how you can optimize your scene using mesh, texture, and shader optimization. 

Week 02: Color Grading and OCIO

This week is all about the hues and tones. We’ll learn about OCIO and color grading as the color management system required for high imaging, and how to set up levels for collaborative working. By the end, you'll be ready to create master scenes (animation and environment for shooting). 

Week 03: Stage Preparation & Team Work

Time to pull together the A-Team. We'll cover camera tracking (Vive/Oculus trackers), various version control systems (manage your digital assets), and show you the ropes of VR scouting in multi-user and remote sessions. Plus, we'll give you the inside scoop on different integration tools (Remote Control, DMX, Level Snapshot) for seamless real-time production. 

Week 04: Greenscreen Specific Stage Prep and Shoot

This week, we're turning the world green, figuratively. We'll deep dive into everything green screen — from inputs, composure layers, material function-based keyer, and image plate projection. And on top of it? We'll run through an example green screen shoot!

Week 05: LED Wall-Specific Stage Prep and Shoot

Lights, camera, nDisplay! This week we're setting the stage with a dazzling LED wall setup. We'll navigate the nitty-gritty of nDisplay, Cluster setup, switchboard, Live Link, and more. And guess what? We’ll run a full-scale LED wall shoot!

Week 06: Cinematography and On-set Concepts

To wrap up this exciting journey, you'll immerse yourself in the world of cinematography. You'll learn about on-set concepts and how to bring it all together to create unforgettable virtual masterpieces.


What you’ll get…

30+ hours of 100% LIVE, engaging mentorship spread across 6 weeks.

✔ Learn from a seasoned industry professional, Scott Rosekrans, Virtual Production Supervisor at Zioc Studios, sharing his hard-earned wisdom and practical insights.
✔ Engage with diverse Guest Speakers every week (TBD), each contributing their unique tips and expertise from various industry roles.
✔ Access to course recordings, slides, and projects associated with the course.
✔ Exclusive access to the CG PRO private community group. 

✔ Special bonus of our in-demand ICVFX Workshop absolutely FREE!
Complementary in-person stage visit in the Los Angeles area!

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