CG Pro Student Release and Policy

Effective date: Purchase of this course


Refund and Exchange Policy

Because course enrollment is strictly limited, full refunds are given only until 10 days prior to the first class session.  There are no refunds after that time, but accommodation to join later course sessions can be arranged, with limitations based on keeping class size restrictions and pricing of each course, (higher priced courses will come with an additional charge).   By purchasing this course you agree to this policy.

Student Release 

1) STUDENT hereby grants CG PRO permission to provide EPIC a copy of their name and email address as part of EPIC’s requirement to all schools granted status as an Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center.  

 2)  STUDENT hereby grants CG PRO permission to use any creative material done by STUDENT in connection with a CG PRO course, as part of CG PRO’s promotional efforts whether in print, online, or in any other media, including restreams of recorded class sessions and any edited images from such class sessions or other recorded sessions.   Ownership of all STUDENT created materials remains with the STUDENT, though STUDENT hereby grants CG PRO an unlimited, no-fee perpetual license to use such materials, and permits CG PRO to edit, alter, copy, publish or distribute such work with no further STUDENT approval needed for their use.  STUDENT waives any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of such materials.  STUDENT will be given appropriate authorship credit for use of any such work.