Presents a world first


Taught in Unreal Engine 5!

  • Taught 100% Live for 60+ hours from Unreal Authorized Instructors and mentors. Additional assistance from qualified TAs
  • Top industry guest speakers. 
  • Micro-credentials and certification from us validated through our partnership with Epic Games with connectors logos + a completed final project. 
  • Speak with our recruiter. Options to get access to year round support.  Lifetime access to recordings.  Bonus masterclasses in platform!  Private FB group to network with.  

World Building

Get your virtual world ready for scouting, animation and shooting. Virtual Art Dept(VAD)


Make things move, characters, props, cameras and more.

Lighting and materials

Lighting fundamentals masterclasses, Unreal Tools, pre-light, static and dynamic

Virtual Production

Scouting, Virtual Camera(VCam), Simulcam, Real time compositing for greenscreen


We are a Connector Authorized Training Center

The first of its kind!


  • Week 1 - Rapid deep fundamentals, Outline and Overview A-Z

  • Week 2 - Workflows, Project structures, environment layout method, timeline 

  • Week 3 - Environment deep dive, finessing, landscape, foliage, FX primer(atmospheric)

  • Week 4 - Lighting - the art and science, look dev and materials deep dive, 

  • Week 5 - Advanced timeline/sequencer, animation and characters deep dive

  • Week 6 - Flm making principles through Unreal. Cameras, Virtual Production, VCam, Composure and more

  • Week 7 - Rendering your movie, troubleshooting, and optimizing your scenes deep dive

  • Week 8 - Advanced topics / what's next / Project wrap-up week/polish to final


  • Sunday, July 10th for 8 weeks from 8:30am -1:30 PDT - SOLD OUT

     Office hours Weds nights for eight weeks with occasional guest speakers 7:30-9:30/10:30pm PDT  

  • Sunday, 4th September for 8 weeks from 8:30am -1:30 PDT - SOLD OUT

     Office hours Weds nights for eight weeks with occasional guest speakers 7:30-9:30/10:30pm PDT 

  • Sunday, October 30th for 8 weeks from 8:30am -1:30 PDT 

     Office hours Weds nights for eight weeks with occasional guest speakers 7:30-9:30/10:30pm PDT 


Video From the Instructor

Mentorship is a proven path to accelerate your Unreal Engine learning. Get direct access to a top level tech artist/supervisor and Virtual Art Dept lead on The Lion King and Epic Authorized Instructor. Also TA who is an Epic Fellow, and industry professional guests.  This special program will also include a mentor/co-instructor Unreal Authorized Instructor Gabriel Paiva Harwat!



Student showreel

Check out our student reel from the last three months below


Who is this for?

  • You are passionately excited by Unreal and want to take it seriously now! You know Unreal Engine is hot stuff and don't want to be left behind
  • You want to stay cutting edge as the tech moves quickly to change traditional VFX and filmmaking workflows forever. 
  • You are a film maker, artist, designer, visualizer, wanting to learn the tools to help your process in previz, visualization, virtual production or production, this is for you.
  • You want to ask questions of  3-4 guest speakers per 8 week period.  Previous speakers have included "Haz" Dulull (Filmmaker), Tupac Martir (Satore Studios), John Brennan (On Set Supervisor on Lion King), Josh Hayes (storyboard artist extroardinaire), and Samuel Maniscalco (Lighting Lead on The Lion King)
  • You want to get additional material and masterclasses as the course itself matures
  • You may be frustrated by trying to motivate and teach yourself from the hundreds of unstructured videos online
  • You may have some experience but feel you lack fundamentals and feel held back 
  • If you want someone to lead you through solid CG fundamentals and proven production techniques, this is for you!
  • Complete your unique project in just eight weeks with this deep dive inspired by Epic's Fellowship! 
  • You need to be able to work while you learn Unreal in more depth
  • Spaces are limited, we have a limit to 15 people per class, so book a call now. 
  • Keep in touch at


The time to learn Unreal 5 is now!

Why Study with Us?

CG Pro’s classes are taught 100% live, face to face with two Unreal Authorized Instructors alongside some of the best creative tech artists in the world. In addition, you will receive:
  • Ongoing support in the CG PRO private community group from the instructors and Teaching Assistants.
  • Ask questions during office hours.
  • Meet & greet LIVE with leading industry guests and ask questions.
  • Placement support after the course is completed.
  • Micro-accreditation from Epic Games after you turn in your final project.
  • Qualify to become a member of the Alumni Group for year round community support and access to guest speakers such as William Faucher and others of his caliber.
  • Access to ALL the Connectors Program videos from Epic Games
  • Access to ALL CG PRO Masterclasses.
  • Lifetime access to ALL class recordings.
  • Relationship and network building with other artists.
  • Teaching in Unreal Engine 5 with support videos for UE4 if you are using the previous version of Unreal. 

The CG Pro Difference:

Before you enroll in another course, ask yourself this question. Will you be learning from generic pre-recorded videos, or will you be learning live in a supportive community setting? CG Pro has the edge over other schools, as we carry the torch of the Unreal Fellowship experience, with our live personalized training.


"The new program will provide a shortened version of the Unreal Fellowship which was first launched in July of 2020 being designed to help industry specialists in film, animation, and VFX learn Unreal Engine."  -80.LV




Senior Tech/Creative Artist

Accelerate your learning and minimize your frustration

Learn from others

Get support in a private FB group from peers and teachers. 

Guest speakers and bonuses

We are going to be interviewing 3-4  special guests in the industry!  

Edward Dawson-Taylor - Lead Instructor

Gabriel Paiva Harwat - Mentor/Co-Instructor

Jacqueline Cooper - Community Leader 

Speak with a live instructor

Testimonial Video


More testimonials from former students  

Peter Bowles

"Taking this now and I highly recommend! If you want some teachers that are willing to put the time in to help you and genuinely want you to succeed, this is the right place." 

Joshua Sikora

"Currently in this class and it has truly been a game-changing experience—Edd and Jackie are wonderful instructors, doing a remarkable job of introducing new users to Unreal, while simultaneously stretching and supporting more experienced artists. The project-based approach means that each person is getting to grow and be challenged in the course, and come out the other side with something to be proud of. I'm amazed by the work of everyone in the cohort and it's encouraged me to push harder and grow more while working on my own short film. All of that, plus some tremendous guest speakers and a great collaborative environment, have made this a very worthwhile and highly-recommended experience. Thanks, Edd and Jackie!"

Alec Birdman

"Great class! Tons of information for any level of experience with virtual production. Edd and Jackie both come with tons of knowledge and experience as CG filmmakers." 

Sonia Seow

“In the two years of learning under Edd, I've not only garnered precious knowledge but also the skills and courage it takes to thrive, realize my potential and identify my strengths and weaknesses. He always made sure that strong fundamentals and basics came first and foremost which I couldn't agree more with as I am now able to breakdown, study and build complex scenes.  He'd always offer in-depth critique and feedback that challenged me to push further and out of my comfort zone allowing me to grow faster as an artist with a clearer, unbiased mindset. I'd also like to thank him for imparting his wisdom and encouragement with real life experiences to prepare me for the industry and its challenges.”    

Megha Lokuhapuaracchi

"Learning the fundamentals of Lighting from Ed was definitely an eye opening time for me. His in depth technical knowledge, and guidance changed my perspective on how to break down shots. It was a milestone in my journey of becoming a greater artist. I am extremely lucky to have had him as a teacher, and I wish I had met him earlier in my life”     

Course Description

  • Please note there is recommended homework before class begins. You need a machine capable of running Unreal, the software installed and ideally do the "My first hour in Unreal" training from Epic.
  • Utilize the power of accelerated learning by having one of the top VFX and technical artists in the industry guide you through a structured and compounding learning path, to give you solid fundamentals, while you work to create a stunning final project that will get you one step closer to your next Unreal goals. 
  • This will require an intensive amount of self-study through our syllabus and ideally further study, in order to achieve your 1-2 minute project piece. 
  • Sharing a Facebook group with others going through the same experience offers that feeling of comradery, and seeing your project progress every week during the live Zoom coaching.
  • Accountability is key to making real progress. Most people need community and accountability to keep motivation or they slow down and get frustrated. This will get you unstuck fast and take you a surprisingly long way in 8 weeks whether you are a beginner or have some experience..
  • This coaching is for people who are self-motivated to go through our lessons, live coaching, and other even further self study.
  • Minimize your self study frustration by having a mentor that is of one of the best VFX artists in the industry, both technically and artistically.


What you get

  • 3-5 hour weekly teaching session. A structured live teaching zoom session that follows our proven curriculum. Followed by Q&A to solve any challenges you might have with your projects.
  • 2-3 hour weekly office hours to get your questions answered, critique project work, and solve any technical challenges.
  • 3-4 guest speakers per 8 week period.  Previous speakers have included "Haz" Dulull, Tupac Martir, John Brennan, and Samuel Maniscalco
  • An exclusive private Facebook community, for ongoing support throughout the week
  • Our library of additional teaching material, including all of our previous masterclasses.
    A total of 45+ hours of live coaching

Who we are


Lead Teacher : Edward Dawson-Taylor

  • CG Supervisor 15+ years
    • Commercials, Movies, Realtime
    • ILM, MPC, Digital Domain, Method, Zoic
    • The Lion King Virtual Production Environment Lead, Jungle Book, Harry Potter V, Jurassic World and more
  • Active artist, supervisor and teacher
  • Innovator, Software Engineer, TD
  • Teacher, Mentor, Coach
    • John Hughes Institute, One Academy
    • Lighting, Houdini, Unreal
  • Successfully transitioned from a previous career into the VFX industry at age 26

Community Leader : Jacqueline Cooper

  • Epic Fellow from the first public batch (Second round)
  • Nuke compositing lead 18 years
    • Commercials, Movies, Realtime
    • ILM, MPC, Digital Domain, Method, Zoic
    • Tron2, Ironman 3,Harry Potter VII: Part II and many more
  • Teacher, Mentor, Coach
  • Continues to actively work in the VFX industry as well as producing
  • Actively teaching with The One Academy and John Hughes Institute
  • Here to support you with any questions or concerns that come up!



Mentor/Co-instructor : Gabriel Paiva Harwat

Gabriel is a guest speaker, mentor, and instructor at CG Pro. More than twenty years in the VFX industry, Gabriel spent the last 6 years developing workflows with open source software like Blender and Unreal Engine, integrating affordable pipelines to work and collaborate in a free yet powerful environment.

He become a Certified Unreal Engine Instructor and since then has been working with Epic in the Virtual Production Fellowship. As a Technical Artist, Teaching Assistant, Mentor and Instructor he is now fully committed to gathering and sharing everything he knows about Unreal Engine.



Group Unreal Engine Course Taught LIVE

60+ hours of training!  Keep your momentum going and follow your passion!

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