Want to promote your brand to millions of Fortnite players?

Harness Fortnite’s Global Audience and Growing User Base to Launch Your Brand Into Success

We craft seamless Fortnite experiences and bring your brand to life in the Fortnite metaverse. 

By integrating into its expansive community of engaged and diverse audiences, your brand can...

  • Experience Unparalleled Reach: With over 500 million registered players, Fortnite offers a captive audience unlike any other.

  • Achieve Global Engagement: Players from 150+ countries gives your brand international exposure.

  • Gain Cultural Phenomenon: Fortnite transcends age, gender, and nationality, making it a universal language to any player.

Why Choose CG Pro for Fortnite Content Creation?

We bridge the world of your brand with the adrenaline of Fortnite, creating captivating content that resonates and excites.

Create Custom Game Integration & Map Design: Using Unreal Editor for Fortnite, we seamlessly weave your brand into the game, ensuring it feels organic and engaging.

Build Unique In-game Events: From branded challenges to custom tournaments, we build experiences that drive player loyalty and brand affinity.

Craft Authentic Storyboard and Assets: We craft narratives that align with both your brand and Fortnite’s style. Boosting your visibility with exclusive skins, items, and structure.

Captivate Your Audience with Brand-Focused Video Content: We build engaging video content that pulls players into your brand, making them eager to participate.

Keep Your Content Fresh After Launch: We offer post-launch content adjustment, ensuring your brand remains relevant while keeping your players engaged.

Work Alongside an Experienced Team for a Seamless Collaboration: Our team isn't new to the block. With seasoned professionals in Unreal Engine and Fortnite, your brand is in experienced hands who understands the excitement of the game.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

How We Work Together


Discovery & Consultation

Every brand is unique, and understanding your goals and identity is our priority. We kick off with a comprehensive consultation, diving deep into your brand's goals and objectives.


Conceptualization & Strategy

The blueprint phase. We map out the details of your project, considering game mechanics, player preferences, your brand's story, the envisioned timeline, and seamless delivery.


Design & Development

Using Unreal Editor for Fortnite, our seasoned team springs into action. Building custom map designs, distinctive in-game assets and skins, and interactive spaces — all in harmony with your brand’s identity.


Constant Update and Quality Control

As we develop, we constantly refine the overall gameplay experience. Every asset and every design undergoes rigorous quality checks and playtesting to balance issues before release.


Project Delivery and Optional
Post-Launch Update

We deliver a polished project ready for the Fortnite metaverse. To ensure the excitement of your game, we can discuss an optional plan and strategies for future content enhancements.

Meet the CG Pro Founders

Edd Dawson-Taylor

  • CG Supervisor, Film, TV, Interactive
  • DD, MPC, ILM
  • Unreal Authorized Instructor
  • Co-Founder CG Pro
  • LinkedIn

Jacqueline Cooper

  • Compositing Veteran / Lead, Film, TV
  • DD, ILM, MPC
  • Co-Founder CG Pro
  • Epic Fellow
  • LinkedIn

Unreal Authorized Instructors

Many of our instructors have the Epic Games stamp of approval, including Co-Founder Edd D-T

Connectors authorized Training Center

We were the worlds first!

Unreal Authorized Training Center

CG Pro is a training Partner of Epic Games.

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