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Have you got solid fundamentals but want to go further?


Do you want to learn advanced stage concepts from an active Virtual Production Supervisor?
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Unreal Engine is hot stuff and moving fast!  Don't be left behind, the time to have the skills is NOW as it promises to change traditional VFX and other visualization tools forever. Dive more in depth into live production and more advanced topics.  Mentorship is a proven path to accelerate your Unreal Engine learning. Get direct access to a top level Production Supervisor at Zoic Studios and a celebrated Gnomon teacher.  Authorized instructor Edward Dawson-Taylor will also be assisting as well. Guest speakers will be coming in to share their knowledge with the class! 



Student showreel

Check out our student reel from the flagship eight week fundamentals!


Who is this for?

  • You have the fundamentals down and want to continue into more in depth topics
  • You have been through the Fundamentals course and want to continue learning 
  • You are passionately excited by Unreal and want to take it to the advanced levels of VP!
  • If you are a film maker, artist, designer, visualizer, wanting to learn the tools to help your process in previz, visualization, virtual production or production, this is for you.
  • You want to get additional material and masterclasses as the course itself matures
  • You may be frustrated by trying to motivate and teach yourself from the hundreds of unstructured videos online
  • Complete your unique project in just eight weeks with this deep dive inspired by Epic's Fellowship!  (working on integrating this into the advanced class if possible)
  • You need to be able to work while you learn Unreal in more depth
  • Spaces are limited, so apply for a call now
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The time to learn Virtual Production is now!

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Saturday, March 26, 2022 8:30am - 3 hours on average


Additional office hours: 

Tuesday nights 8pm - 2 hours on average

Virtual Production Supervisor

Accelerate your learning and minimize your frustration

Learn from others

Get support in a private FB group from peers and teachers. 

Advanced modules

We are creating some cutting edge content including LED wall information.

Scott Rosekrans - Lead Instructor

Edward Dawson-Taylor - Assistant Instructor

Testimonial Video



More testimonials from former students 


Tom Lear

"Probably the best thing about the Becoming a CG Pro series, is the intensive hands-on instruction you receive. Yes there are lots of other classes and YouTube videos on Unreal out there, taught by experts, true, but more often than not they're a series of non-interactive movies you download and then watch if you can make the time. You have a problem, you go onto Discord or Slack and then wait a coiple of days, maybe longer, for an answer.

Totally different with the CG Pro series, these people are involved, they're extremely well-connected in the industry and ahead of the curve on new developments, which you then get to hear about every week. There are active FB groups that provide quick support, and in-depth problem solving twice a week, so you aren't left scratching your head. Get ready to actually LEARN something."


Joshua Sikora

"Currently in this class and it has truly been a game-changing experience—Edd and Jackie are wonderful instructors, doing a remarkable job of introducing new users to Unreal, while simultaneously stretching and supporting more experienced artists. The project-based approach means that each person is getting to grow and be challenged in the course, and come out the other side with something to be proud of. I'm amazed by the work of everyone in the cohort and it's encouraged me to push harder and grow more while working on my own short film. All of that, plus some tremendous guest speakers and a great collaborative environment, have made this a very worthwhile and highly-recommended experience. Thanks, Edd and Jackie!"


Alec Birdman

"Great class! Tons of information for any level of experience with virtual production. Edd and Jackie both come with tons of knowledge and experience as CG filmmakers."




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Tentative Class Schedule

(Subject to change as Unreal changes so often!)

  • Week 01: Set Design - Theory & Practice -Scene setup, Modeling tools, Bridge, Lighting
  • Week 02: Teamwork - Levels setup, Perforce, Multi user/remote session, VR Scouting
  • Week 03: Animation - retargeting, anim blueprints, state machine, notify events
  • Week 04: Animation - Control rig , metahumans, livelink, baking to control rig
  • Week 05: Scene optimization - mesh, texture & shader optimization, Light baking
  • Week 06: Greenscreen - inputs, composure layers, material function based keyer, image plate projection
  • Week 07: nDisplay - Cluster setup, switchboard, Livelink, camera tracking (vive/oculus)
  • Week 08: nDisplay - Run through a shoot! OCIO, color grading, remote control, dmx, hdri, level snapshot


What you get

  • 3 hours weekly zoom session that starts off with a lesson based on your questions from self-study then goes to a scrum-like round robin that offers help and weekly accountability on the progress of your project and learning
  • Various guest speakers will come and share their expertise
  • Weekly office hours
  • Assistant teacher Edward-Dawson Taylor will be supporting in most classes.


Who we are


Lead Teacher : Scott Rosekrans

Scott’s experience at Zoic Studios includes everything from VP Supervisor to CG supervision to motion capture, previsualization, rigging, dynamics, lighting, and on-set production. His work ranges from pipeline and workflow in-house to on-set scheduling, utilizing a broad scope of pre-production and production skills. Scott’s work can be seen in blockbuster feature films as well as television shows, commercials, and game cinematics.


Assistant Teacher : Edward Dawson-Taylor

Edward is an Unreal Authorized Instructor and CG Supervisor in movies, TV, commercials and live events, having worked for ILM, Disney and Digital Domain on Blockbusters like Jurassic World, The Lion King and Jungle Book. Co-founder of successful world touring group The Sancho Plan, Edward loves to use cutting edge technology to create engaging and inspiring experiences, as well as beautiful world class imagery. He was formerly a Software Developer / Architect, leading teams of developers and holds a Masters in Computer Science.


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