Master the Intricacies of Unreal Engine 5.2 in just 8 Weeks 


Accelerate your Cinematic and Virtual Production learning with the World's leading Industry Professionals 

  • 8 weeks 100% LIVE via ZOOM, industry-vetted curriculum and professional mentoring
  • Unreal Authorized Instructors, mentors, TAs and industry guests instructing the class
  • Micro-credential / certification from CG Pro through our partnership with Epic Games 
  • 1-2 minute short film completed by the end
  • Learn from anywhere in the world, outside US working hours twice per week
  • Additional guest speakers are offered on Thursdays at 7:30pm Pacific
  • Additional offline support
  • On-demand access to class recordings
  • Optional access to year-round support, masterclasses, and more.
  • Cost for the 8 weeks, 60+ hours of training  $3,997 
  • Includes FREE 3 hour video intro workshop to get you primed for the full course


Make things move, characters, props, cameras and more.

Lighting and materials

Lighting fundamentals masterclasses, Unreal Tools, pre-light, static and dynamic

World Building

Get your virtual world ready for scouting, animation and shooting. Virtual Art Dept(VAD)

Virtual Production

Scouting, Virtual Camera(VCam), Simulcam, Real time compositing for greenscreen

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Franco Vilanova

  • Senior CG Artist
  • Film, TV
  • Epic Fellowship Instructor / Mentor

Daniel Langhjelm

  • Senior Lighter Bron Digital
  • Epic Fellowship Mentor
  • Instructor at VFS and Emily Carr

Edd Dawson-Taylor

  • CG Supervisor, Film, TV, Interactive
  • DD, MPC, ILM
  • Unreal Authorized Instructor
  • Co-Founder CG Pro


      •  Sunday September 3rd for 8 weeks on Sundays from 9:00am - 1:00pm PDT .

      • -Q&A Sessions: Wednesday nights for eight weeks with occasional guest speakers 6:30-8:30pm PDT.

        -Guest Speakers: occasionally on Thursday nights 6:30pm-8:30pm PDT.

 Student Showreel

Check out the amazing work from our latest Cohort 15 graduating class


 ARE YOU....

  • Excited to learn the most current version of Unreal Engine 5.1
  • A Filmmaker, VFX artist, Virtual Production Artist, Designer, or Visualize
  • Tired of teaching yourself with video from people lacking professional experience
  • Experienced but feel you lack fundamentals
  • Not interested in spending the money and time required for College?
  • Searching for a thriving supportive community?
  • In need of a proven professional workflow, not just knowledge of the tool
  • Looking for on demand access to training material?
  • Interested in after course support or potential job placement?
  • Looking to create your own project for use in your reel, pitch a personal project?
  • Looking to learn UE5.1 and balance work, family etc?


Week 1 - UE5 basics and VP Blocking - A-Z, Layout, Blocking for Environment, Lighting, Camera
Week 2 - Assets, Virtual Production Workflow, Environment Upgrade, Scouting, Environment upgrade, Render
Week 3 - Environment Finessing - Finessing, Landscape, Foliage, Materials, Environment Final
Week 4 - Lighting - Fundamentals, Technical, Scenarios
Week 5 Advanced timeline/sequencer - Animation, Editorial, Characters, Retargeting
Week 6 - Cameras, filmmaking, and Virtual Production - VCam, Blueprints, VP overview, Green Screen
Week 7 Optimization and Rendering - Achieve frame rate and make it look photoreal
Week 8 Project wrap-up - Project wrap, Special Guest, Advanced topics

Senior Tech/Creative Artist

Accelerate your learning and minimize your frustration

Learn from others

Get support in a private FB group from peers and teachers. 

Guest speakers and bonuses

We are going to be interviewing 3-4  special guests in the industry!  

Group Unreal Engine Course Taught LIVE

60+ hours of training!  Keep your momentum going and follow your passion!

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