Ā CG ProĀ Custom and Corporate Training

Whether you are a company, school, or individual, we can run any class privately, or craft a custom curriculum tailored toĀ your needsĀ 

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Film, TV, Media and Entertainment

Our founders come from top Hollywood studios having worked on movies like the Lion King, and Tron. Helping to pioneer Virtual Production workflows.

Design / Simulation

Transportation, space exploration, mining, Digital Twins, physics. The world of simulation is fascinating and more and more people are using Unreal Engine's unique combination of physics, photorealism and control system integration


Whether you are looking to make a game, break into the industry, or excited by UEFN, we have you covered! Unreal Engine is being used on over 50% of all next gen titles!


We cater to broadcast and Live Event clients, helping convert studios to  UE workflow, integrating photoreal set extensions, AR graphics, Motion Graphics and live action integration. Sports, Weather, Elections, Live performances and more.

Colleges and educational institutions

WeĀ train some of the top film Schools in the US and beyond. We can develop curriculum, train your staff, and evenĀ implant instructors for special trainings.

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Some of our previous clients


Taught Accenture how to use Unreal Engine for broadcast

NASA / Metecs

Simulation trainingĀ for the moon landing in Unreal and Houdini

Virtual Production

Film and Virtual Production Training

We design training to meet your needs

  • Run any of our courses privately to ensure the security of your IP
  • Custom curriculum development
  • Virtual/physical hybrid available
  • Unreal Engine, Houdini, Simulation, USD, Pipelines, Blender, Maya, and more
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Unreal Authorized

Both our school and many of its instructors are Unreal Authorized, so you know the quality has been tested and approved.

Epic Fellows

Our instructors have been Epic trained to guarantee that you  are getting the latest information available from Epic.

Top Studio Pros

Our corporate training comes from studio supervisors from the most well known studios in the world.