Unreal Advanced Character Workflow

Make a Narrative Project Over Six Weeks With Your Own Characters!

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Prep and import

Learn how to prepare characters and animation for import


Set up control rig to animate or control motion on your character

Mocap and animation

Connect mocap live or offline. Animate directly or build complex animation systems

Learn from a Virtual Production Supervisor

Learn top techniques from a top industry pro


Unreal Character Design and Rigging Workshop


Prep and import

Learn how to prepare characters and animation for import


Set up control rig to animate or control motion on your character

Mocap and animation

Connect mocap live or offline. Animate directly or build complex animation systems

Learn from a Virtual Production Supervisor

Learn top techniques from a top industry pro

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What's included?

  • Live instruction from an Unreal Authorized Instructor
    • Live teaching sessions
    • Office hours : Work directly with Unreal Authorized instructors (one evening per week)
  • Group Feedback Forum
  • Guests Speaker Steve Munoz (Zoic Studios) Paige Dansinger ( Altethos), and John Maclnnes (MACINNES Studios)
  • Course material downloads
    • Weekly Slides & Presentations
    • Additional Training Materials
    • Epic Exclusive Materials
    • Project download
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Top industry special guests TBA
  • Live teaching by a top industry professional
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Who is this for?

  • You want to learn how Unreal utilizes metahumans and other characters for use in Unreal, Realtime, VR, or the metaverse
  • You want to learn the process of customizing characters with mocap, animation, clothing, and facial movement
  • You want to learn how non-humanoid rigs can be brought into Unreal and used
  • "This course is for BOTH people who come from an animation background and are looking to get into the reatlime workflow, AND anyone who wants to tell powerful stories but may not possess the skills to be a full time animator. That's the beauty of the Unreal Engine, for storytelling it is the great equalizer, it empowers everyone to achieve their vision, and I'm here to help you realize that goal."
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Unreal Online Course Dates:

  • Starts : April 15, 2023 at 8:30am PST - 11:30am PST

  • Ends Nov 15, 2022

  • Office hours : Tuesday nights at 8pm - 10pm PST

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Instructor Reel


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Testimonial for Scott Rosekrans

Formerly teaching Advanced Unreal for Filmmakers


Full Character Course Outline 

  • Week 01

    Custom Character creation
    - Metahumans overview, tips and tricks
    - Demystify the character  Blueprint (customize all the things!)
    - Mesh to metahumans
    - Modify existing metahuman (round trip to Maya and back)
    - Working with custom characters (Maya setup)

    Week 01

    Home Work - Find a character or make a metahuman to work on
    - Start to develop the story

    Week 02

    Rigging - but like, not boring or hard-Maya rigging overview (learn the basics)
    - IK Rig editor in UE5 for fast IK
    - Control rig, examples and quick start using custom characters with control rig (the easy way)

    Homework - Put some IK on your character
    - Copy Lyra control rig to your character
    - Make a moves list for our mocap shoot in Week 3

    Week 03

    Mocap and Animation Pt1
    - Using Xsens/Rokoko to record custom Mocap
    - Cleaning up in Xsens or Maya
    - Retargeting to our custom characters/metahumans
    - Adding our control rig to Mocap to offset

    Home Work - Select your takes to be used in your animation
    - Retarget to your character
    - Offset or clean up any artifacts

    Week 04

    Sequencer and Animation Part 2
    - How to scout the scene to focus on storytelling
    - Apply a narrative friendly sandbox that also works technically
    - Camera setup and animation
    - Vcam, Vive, VR scout
    - Animating control rig in sequencer

    Home Work - Put your characters in your scene
    - Create your subscenes/sequences
    - Start the editorial process

    Week 05

    Facial Animation - project refinement
    - Control rig
    - AR kit
    - Faceware
    - Retargeting facial Mocap to Metahuman

    Home Work - Continue to refine edit
    -  Add facial animation

    Week 06

    Animation FX 
    - Cloth dynamics
    - Hair dynamics
    - Custom character Niagra FX

    Home Work - Finalize your edit
    - Add secondary motion/dynamics


What people are saying

About CG Pro

Tamara Abas - Unreal Generalist

"My name is Tamara. After I finished college, I really found myself on a plateau, and I really wanted to learn more about the process of virtual production and more importantly, improving my current skillset in Unreal Engine. And that's when I actually signed up for the Unreal Engine for Filmmakers class. What I really loved about this class is you're taught by industry professionals. They have the experience and knowledge, and they're able to provide you with everything you need to know. Step-by-step to be able to create a short film and unreal. I really found myself growing so much through this experience."

Randy Link - Animation Supervisor

"My name is Randy link. I am a visual effects artist and animator and working for the industry I think the last 30ish years. I just recently took the CG pro course from Jackie and Edd. And I wanted to just give it my wholehearted recommendation. They have a really bountiful amount of knowledge between them and the guest speakers. So it was really enjoyable. It was [also] great to be around the others who are making exciting things. So I can't say enough about it!"

Steve Wilcox - Virtual Production Supervisor

"The CG Pro course, it was a really good experience. I feel that the course is for anyone just starting out with Unreal Engine or up to people like myself, kind of in Unreal for a little while. There had been a project I've been planning on doing for like eight months and it finally kind of gave me the motivation to knock it out. Definitely say it's well worth the money that I invested into it."

"Great content by two amazing experts, Edd and Jackie. So much value, knowledge and warmth in this course for everyone out there that has the curiosity and means to dive into Unreal."

Oscar Campos

Cinematographer / Colorist / Post producer

"Great class! Tons of information for any level of experience with virtual production. Edd and Jackie both come with tons of knowledge and experience as CG filmmakers."

Alec Birdman

Video Production, Live Events, Interaction Design, Video Editing, Event Production, Videography, and Graphic Design

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6 weeks, 30+ hours of live interactive teaching

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