Enter the New Frontier of Virtual Creation — with our Real-Time Environment Art Mastery!

The Ultimate 4-Course Mastery Program, where your artistic dreams break the boundaries of reality. Join us on a remarkable journey of learning, discovery, and creation in the Virtual World!

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(Image credit: Tamara Abas - Graduate of World Building In Unreal Engine)

You've got the vision, the passion — but the tools and the know-how?

That's where it gets tricky.

You've been surfing the web, scouting every forum, and pouring through countless tutorials, trying to master the art of environment creation. But still, the vision in your head and what you manage to create on-screen never quite line up.  Plus getting into the film industry requires knowledge of workflow and connections.

Frustrating, isn't it?

We understand the challenges you face in the dynamic world of Virtual Production. That’s why with our Ultimate 4-Course Mastery Program, you’ll have ALL the skills, tools, and knowledge you need to finally translate the epic world living in your mind into a tangible, virtual reality.  Once you have these skills, you will also get a year free to our Inner Circle, which is a thriving community of professionals meeting regularly to connect and learn new technology.

We're talking about creating realistic characters, designing intricate architecture, and breathing life into the virtual worlds you choose to create. 

From concept to creation — this program is your guide to pushing the bounds of what's possible in virtual production. Remember, the only limit is the farthest reaches of your imagination. 

Unlock Your Extraordinary with CG Pro

Where limitless creativity meets innovation!

Transform your skills with cutting-edge industry tools & technologies

Engage in 100% LIVE, interactive teaching with real-time Q&As and feedback

Craft an impressive final reel showpiece that launches your career with our step-by-step mentorship

Learn from the BEST industry professionals & gain invaluable insights

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Let’s Transform Your Virtual Visions
into Real-Time Masterpieces

Get ready for the Real-Time Environment Art Mastery — our ultimate 4-course program designed specifically for ambitious Filmmakers, Animators, and Visual Effects Artists. It’s the one-stop shop for all your environment art learning needs, bridging the gap between your epic visions and cinematic reality. 

Unreal For Filmmakers Connectors

Dive into the intricacies of Unreal Engine — the world's leading real-time creation tool, tailored to meet the needs of forward-thinking filmmakers and environment artists. 

World Building in Unreal Engine

Explore the limitless possibilities of Unreal Engine in shaping realistic, visually stunning worlds that’ll captivate your audience.

Blender Comprehensive

Master a powerful open-source tool for creating 3D graphics, visual effects, and interactive experiences.

Real-Time Asset Development

Learn to create and optimize real-time assets, a crucial component in the virtual production pipeline — bringing your designs to life in an instant.

Unreal For Filmmakers Connectors

Level 100/200   |   8 Weeks: 60+ Hours   |   LIVE  

Our MOST popular Generalist Unreal Engine Course for beginners to intermediate learning. Plus, with an introduction to the world-building fundamentals. 

Class Dates and Sessions:

Start Date: January 14,  2024 (Sunday)

  • Interactive teaching every Sunday (9:00 am to 2:00 pm PT)
  • Project Lab Sessions every Wednesday (6:30 pm - 8:30 pm PT) with occasional guest speakers
  • 3-4 Guest Speaker Training sessions usually on Thursdays (6:30 pm - 8:30 pm PT)
World Building in Unreal Engine

Level 200/300   |   8 Weeks: 40+ Hours   |   LIVE

We team up with Narwhal Studios (the leading studio in Virtual Productions) — to bring you the MOST Comprehensive World Building Course to help you design and build photorealistic and real-time worlds using advanced Unreal Engine tools. 

Class Dates and Sessions:

Start Date: TBA

Blender Comprehensive

Level 100/200   |   8 Weeks: 40+ Hours   |   LIVE

Master our Generalist Blender Course the right way — It’s the perfect companion tool for Unreal Engine and has become an industry standard for building 3D models, rigs, animation, and more! 

With Blender, you can create or modify assets for use in Unreal Engine. Plus, construct an asset workflow using Geometry nodes for procedural creation.

Class Dates and Sessions:

Start Date: February 11, 2024 (Sunday)

  • Interactive Lessons every Sunday (9:00 am to 1:00 pm PST)
  • Project Lab & QA Sessions every Thursday (7:30 am to 9:30 am PST)
  • Occasional Guest Speakers TBA
Real-Time Asset Development

Level 200/300   |   8 Weeks: Hours TBD   |   LIVE

Immerse yourself in the art of asset creation and refinement. You’ll gain hands-on experience in… hard surface and organic modeling, shading, texturing, & optimization for Blender, Substance, and UE.

Class Dates and Sessions:

Start Date: TBD

  • Interactive Teaching every Day TBD (9:00 am - 12:30 pm PT)
  • Q&As, Review of Work, and Feedback every Day TBD (6:30 pm - 8:30 pm PT) with occasional guest speakers

Why join the 4-Course Mastery Program? 

Gain an in-depth understanding of tools and techniques that are reshaping the film & video production landscape.

Enjoy our 100% LIVE, interactive teaching complete with Q&A sessions, personalized feedback, and hands-on lab experiences.

Learn from the BEST: The leading industry professionals and guest speakers who have been there and done that. 

Post-graduation placement support — We’re committed to helping you leverage your newly acquired skills to their fullest potential in the industry. 

Earn your CG Pro micro-credentials and certification, backed by our partnership with Epic Games. 

Access to course materials so you can continue honing and refreshing your skills whenever you wish. 

Step-by-step mentorship: Craft a final reel showpiece by the end of each course — perfect to build your portfolio. 

Become part of the exclusive CG PRO community group — your new hub for collaboration, networking, inspiration, and support. 

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Who is this perfect for?

Anyone eager to break into the Virtual Production workforce and become part of a thriving community

Environment Artists or Digital Artists — looking to level up their skills in Unreal Engine and Blender

Individuals from various industries like VFX, Filmmaking, TV, or Game Development

Passionate creatives who want to build industry-relevant skills and boost their portfolio

*All you need is a basic knowledge of Unreal Engine 5 and Blender with the latest version of both software on your computer. 
See the complete specs for more information.

Meet Your CG Expert!

Hi, I’m Edd Dawson-Taylor! [CG Pro]

I've had the privilege of working with industry giants like ILM, Disney, and Digital Domain on iconic films such as Jurassic World, The Lion King, and Jungle Book


With my deep expertise and hands-on experience in the CG world, I've led teams of artists as well as engineers enhancing VFX software, and have become a recognized technologist. 


As co-founder of CG Pro, I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise through dynamic courses focused on Unreal Engine, VFX tools, and the emerging realm of Virtual Production.

See the Difference Our Program Makes

Over the years, we've witnessed countless success stories of individuals like you who’ve taken the leap and transformed their lives. Take Tim Main, for example, a recent graduate of the Unreal for Filmmakers Connectors program who landed his dream job working on the next Mad Max movie. It's never too late to learn, and achieving your goals is within your reach. This introductory workshop is your first step towards an exciting future in VFX and filmmaking.



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