Game Design in Unreal Engine

Building on concepts for Game Design. Learn how to analyze and extract level design needs and how to apply them in-engine. The course goes through Blueprints, Landscapes, importing game assets, material editor, particles, play testing, and more! Feel comfortable inside of Unreal in just 8 weeks.

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Use Lyra Game Kit

Learn How to Create Levels In Games In Unreal Engine 5

Make An Interactive Game

Using Bots, Triggers, Jump Pads, and Teleporters

Game Balance

Understanding Level Layout and the Placement of Weapons and Power-Ups

Learn LIVE from industry professionals

Learn Top Techniques from an Industry Pro while building relationships with other artists

Meet Your Lead Instructor

Bennett Bellot: A 20+ year veteran in the Entertainment Industry. Bennett was a Game Designer and Artist at companies like Interplay, Contraband Entertainment, Real-Time Associates, and Activision. He has also worked in the Animation Industry for Oedekerk Productions, Nickelodeon, and Titmouse Studios as a Digital Artist. He has an MFA in Visual Arts from Cal State Fullerton and was the Academic Director for Game Art and Design at the Art Institute of Orange County. He currently teaches Virtual Production at Chapman University and has been in the Unreal Fellowship for ICVFX. Click the below video to hear more information and how CG Pro helps prep you for the industry.

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Additional Support

Teaching Assistant - Michael Jose Arrevano

Technical Artist at Blizzard

Guest Speaker - Rusty Buchert 

Executive Producer with over 100 game titles

Guest Speaker - Ryan Zingler

Level Designer at Crystal Dynamics

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:
* Conceptualize requirements to establish level designs
* Create rough layouts for game levels to build game pacing and flow
* Incorporate genre specific conventions
* Create game levels in a game engine
* Identify gameplay elements
* Build a functional prototype level to test design decisions
* Plan and assemble placeholder game assets for testing purposes
* Import relevant assets into game engine
* Test and iterate game level
* Effectively troubleshoot and modify game mechanics
* Submit level for play testing and review

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Why Study with CG Pro

  • Taught 100% Live . 35+ hours from Unreal Authorized Instructors and mentors. Additional assistance from qualified Teaching Assistants.
  • Top industry guest speakers. 
  • Micro-credentials and certification from CG Pro validated through our partnership with Epic Games 
  • Lifetime access to recordings.  Bonus masterclasses will be added in platform as future cohorts take the class! 
  • Ongoing support in the CG PRO private community group from the instructors and Teaching Assistants.
  • Ask questions during office hours.
  • Meet & greet LIVE with leading industry guests and ask questions.
  • Placement support after the course is completed.
  • Relationship and network building with other artists.
  • Don't spend $$$$$ on long term courses. In just 8 - weeks you will learn the fundamentals at a fraction of the cost, from the best in the business.

Game Design Course Dates:

  •  Starting February 4th 2023 via Zoom

  •  Class Hours: Saturday's 8:30am to 11:30am Pacific

  •  Labs Thursday's 6:00-8:00pm Pacific

Game Design Course Outline 

Week 01

Overview of the UNREAL 5 game engine blueprint types: First Person,
Third Person, Top Down, 3D Sidescroller, etc. Level Design for different game types.
In-Class: Creating a Game Project and working with the UNREAL 5 Interface.
Grayboxing (Layout). Understanding Genres and Game Balance.
Homework: Research your favorite Game Level Layout (collect references). Have
both Unreal 5 and Lyra Game Kit Installed. Create both an Epic and Quixel Account

Week 02

Elements of architecture and terrain. Creating a landscape/terrain to contain
both your Level and Player. Setting up Blocking Volumes to contain your Player.
In-Class: Working with the UNREAL 5 engine to place meshes (from the Unreal
Marketplace) in your Project Level. Discussion about the use of Nanite.

Week 03

Creating original Game Assets and importing them into your level in the
UNREAL 5 game engine.
In-Class: Working with Photoshop to create simple assets (images with alpha
channels for transparencies) and importing them into UNREAL 5 and turning them
into Decals (Projection Maps). Introduction to Mixer.

Week 04

Working with the Material Editor in Unreal 5.
In-Class: Working with Photoshop and Maya to create simple assets (Floor Tiles,
Hanging Tapestries and Gate Barriers with alpha channels for transparencies) and
importing them into the UNREAL 5 Material Editor. Understanding Tiling, Panner,
and Rotator Nodes. More with Mixer.

Week 05

Introduction to Unreal 5 Blueprint Editor and placement of Weapons and
Power-Ups in your Level (Game Balance).
In-Class: How to make your Level more “Interactive” by creating Blueprints in
UNREAL 5. Creating Moving Platforms, Teleporters, and Jump Pads for your Level.
Homework: Start making your level interactive with Blueprints. Add various weapons
and power-ups to your Level.

Week 06

ALighting, Volumetrics, Particle Effects and Post Process Volumes in-game
In-Class: Lighting types and Lumen. Creating a Light Function (Material).
Homework: Start lighting your Level, add Height Fog, and Post Process Volume.animation FX 

Week 07

Play Testing your Level (AI Bots)
In-Class: Adding Bots to your Level to Play Test your Level. Get feedback and make
changes to your Level. Make sure that Moving Platforms, Jump Pads, Respawning,
and Teleporters all function. Game Balance (look for “Choke Points and Camper
Homework: Play Test your Level. 

Week 08

Final Day and Play Testing
In-Class: Record a run through of your Final Level using Outplayed
Homework: Turn in your Gameplay Recording.


Small class size

Get personalized help on your project, both in class and in your cohort's fb gp.  Build relationships with other industry pros.  Class size is limited to 24.

8 weeks, 40+ hours of live interactive teaching

Enjoy 8 weeks of teaching plus 2-3+ guest speakers.

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