Houdini for Generalists and World Building

+ World Building, USD, and Unreal Engine - LIVE, online 8-week class

  • Houdini is the most powerful procedural CG software in the world!
  • Traditionally known as an FX tool it is now a very powerful CG generalist tool and the king of USD
  • Don't be left behind, stay cutting edge! The time to have the skills is NOW as it continues to integrate with Unreal Engine and Virtual Production workflows!



Learn the tools

Layout, Mocap, FX, USD, Unreal I/O

Master World Building, Motion and Mocap Processing, FX, and USD pipelines.

World Building Tools

Procedural Modeling

Build impossibly complex objects and worlds procedurally, and iterate versions instantly

Learn LIVE from industry professionals

Learn top techniques from industry pros while building relationships and making a showpiece in eight weeks.

Meet your Instructor [CG Pro]

Edward Dawson-Taylor:

Edward has deep hands-on experience in the CG world. He has worked for ILM, Disney, and Digital Domain on blockbuster films – Jurassic World, The Lion King, and Jungle Book. Widely recognized as a cutting-edge technologist, he has led teams of developers in architecting and enhancing VFX related software.  He has also done innovative work with simulation and pipelines in the worlds of visual design and automotive industries. As co-founder of CG Pro, he creates and teaches dynamic courses focused on Unreal Engine, VFX tools and the emerging world of Virtual Production.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be:

  • comfortable with Houdini fundamentals - Simplified path to learning Houdini and procedural workflows
  • able to model and build worlds procedurally
  • able to simulate basic FX like cloth, particles, fluids
  • familiar with Motion processing: Mocap and procedural retargeting(live linked)
  • proficient in USD and Unreal Engine Integration

Who is this for?

  • People new to Houdini
  • Those with some experience, but not modeling, world building, USD, KineFX etc, or feel you lack proper fundamentals
  • People frustrated learning such a complex tool by themselves or from video
  • Film makers, artists, designers, visualizers, wanting procedural tools to help your process
  • If you want someone to lead you through solid CG fundamentals and proven production techniques
  • If you want live up to date practical instruction and to finish a project in 8 weeks
  • Those needing to balance study with life and work, and don't have years or a college degree budget


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Why Study with CG Pro

  • Taught 100% Live via Zoom. 50+ hours of instruction, including Q&A and labs.
  • Top industry guest speakers. 
  • Micro-credentials and certification from CG Pro validated through our partnership with Epic Games 
  • On Demand access to recordings of this course.
  • Access to the CG PRO private community group. 
  • Learn from leading industry guests.
  • Post graduation placement support.
  • Build relationships with fellow artists.
  • Learn the fundamentals at a reasonable cost from the best in the business.

Houdini for Generalists

 Course Dates:

  •  TBA

Course Outline

  • Week 01 - Houdini Foundation Pt 1 - Proceduralism, UI, Operators demystified / contexts, SOPs basics - Points attributes etc, project intro
  • Week 02 - Houdini Foundation Pt 2 - Attributes deep dive / spreadsheet, VEX(primer), wrangles
  • Week 03 - Environment Building - SOPs and LOPS, Landscape, Scattering
  • Week 04 - USD / LOPs basics - Solaris, USD, creating, Authoring, I/O, Layout
  • Week 05 - FX basics - Vellum
  • Week 06 - Motion / KineFX - retargeting + Into Unreal
  • Week 07 - Geo (and FX and motion) Output - Unreal Hooks - USD, VertexAnimTex, Landscapes, Houdini Engine
  • Week 08 -  Rendering - Karma and Unreal Engine

Small class size

Get personalized help on your project, both in class and in your cohort's fb gp.  Build relationships with other industry pros.  Class size is limited to 20.

8 weeks, 45+ hours of live interactive teaching

Enjoy 8 weeks of teaching plus 2-3+ guest speakers.

Keep the slides and project

Download and keep the slides and project associated with this course.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether day or night, wherever you are, you have on-demand access to the recordings of this course, even after it is over.

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