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CG Pro - Virtual Production for Producers - March 11th

Virtual Production is an incredible emerging technology that is quickly becoming mainstream, and it has many practical and financial considerations that are VITAL know in advance if you are a producer.  Learn how a virtual production works during a six week period.

See https://www.becomecgpro.com/vpforproducers for more information

What you'll get:

  • A step by step tour of virtual production budgets, line-items, gotchas, and more
  • Guest speakers including Dani Bellar Pilukas, Director of Physical Production at Lux Machina and James Blevins, Founder of MeshVP 
  • Some of the Topics covered
    -Basic overview of the process of virtual production and how producers play a role
    -A deep dive into line producing & The Pre-production process of the many different types of virtual production
    -Take a look at the different sides of production and how they affect virtual production concepts. Learn the
    basics of Unreal Engine to better help you communicate properly to the VAD.
    -Guidance on how to produce a scene of your choice. Planning, budgeting, and hiring for your project.
    -Post-production: A high-level overview of post-production workflows. Learn how post producers on the show side and VFX producers on the vendor side finish projects.