How to find your VFX Niche

cg niche vfx Feb 07, 2021

Becoming a CG pro takes time and passion.  So many successful visual effects artists that I have met became good because they had a dream to work in the film or game industry and found a way to get noticed.   Sometimes these artists became generalists, but only over a period of time after focusing on one core skill.

While natural talents do factor into the decision of what niche to go after, the passion you have will keep the dream alive even when things get frustrating.  When I mention passion, I mean, fire in your gut staying up till 3am learning to draw kind of passion, or listening to tutorials as opposed to music in the car on the way somewhere.  

This is an exercise I recommend doing with a pen and paper when you have a little bit of time.

Get In The Mood 

Put on some inspirational music, and let it get you in a really good mood.  Imagine yourself getting your dreams fulfilled and how that might feel.  If you are alone feel free to dance around a bit!  Keep fueling the energy until you fell as though you are able to overcome any obstacles to your clarity and focus.

 Write It Out 

Write down what you are passionate about learning!  What parts do you love about visual effects.  Maybe write down what you don’t love about visual effects.  What do you really want? Forget about what you think you should do, and just imagine what would make you feel so good if you had it.  What would be the first skill or skills you might need to learn first?  Break it down.

Commit To It

Commit to yourself that you are going to do whatever it takes to get there!  "In the immortal words of The Doors 'The time to hesitate is through. '" - Lucas, Empire Records.  It's time to stop all the reasons why something is not doable and find a way.  There is always a way with enough determination!

Take Action

Be unswerving in your dedication to taking constant, intelligent action towards your goal.

Get a plan together, and do something for yourself RIGHT NOW before you stop this exercise.  Maybe put on the wall some art that inspires you by one of your heroes or your favorite movie poster. Or put your goals on the wall and make it into a vision board.  Self-integrity comes from saying you are going to do something, focusing on it, and doing it.  Every time that happens it raises your personal esteem and adds to your momentum.  Ultimately, this upward spiral is what will allow you to achieve your goals.  If you do not feel like taking action in a moment that was self-promised, repeat Part 1 for as long as it takes to re-motivate yourself.  

Take More Action

Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured gets managed.”  Every plan will do better if it gets updated strategies and reinforcement on the mindset that is giving results.  Master your focus and attitude to continue taking consistent action toward your goal!

In conclusion

In some ways, going after your VFX dream is as simple as this, but if you have any questions related to your specific situation feel free to give me a PM.  Good luck, fellow artist!