CG Pro and CenterGrid are Coming Together to Help Students with Macs and Low-Power Laptops Access Unreal Engine

unreal engine Mar 20, 2024

Are you interested in the world of VFX and CG, but worried about your computer being incompatible with Unreal Engine and other programs? You’ve needed a high-end PC to access Unreal Engine until now- locking out Mac users and those with more standard-powered laptops.

CG Pro is teaming up with CenterGrid Virtual Studio to offer their VFX students a low-cost solution to work from any standard laptop.  🙌 We're thrilled to announce this exciting partnership to help ANY student who is eager to dive into the world of real-time virtual production.


Embracing the Future


Virtual Studio uses state-of-the-art virtual machines— which can handle tasks quickly, without any noticeable delay. These workstations often have powerful GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) to crunch through data and render graphics smoothly. By accessing Virtual Studio, CG Pro’s students will have the experience of running an entirely different computer through their own.


Having access to GPUs is like borrowing a super-powerful brain from the internet. 🧠 GPUs are really good at handling tasks that require lots of calculations. So, a cloud GPU lets you access digital tools without having to buy your own expensive hardware. Plus, the GPUs required by Unreal Engine are not available in Macs.

Our partnership with CenterGrid ensures that you have the tools you need to excel in your craft (without having to dish out a bunch of cash for new tech).


To access Virtual Studio’s virtual machines, you must be a CG Pro Student. CG Pro has classes starting soon in Unreal Engine for Filmmakers, Unreal Editor for Fortnite, and Introduction to Game Design. When you sign up for these courses, talk to your Admissions Advisor or instructor about accessing Virtual Studio so you have the compatible technology needed for the course. Virtual Studio seats are limited- so get in touch now to reserve yours! 


If you’re not a CG Pro student, you can access Virtual Studios via a subscription, so you can save significantly compared to purchasing a new high-end GPU computer.


Maximizing Your Potential


You now have the ability to elevate your skills with CG Pro's Unreal 5+ content production curriculum — which is now integrated with high-performance GPU workstations from Virtual Studio. 

Our partnership with CenterGrid ensures that you have the tools you need to excel in your craft (without having to dish out a bunch of cash for new tech).


Cost-Effective Solutions


Virtual Studio offers a green cost-effective alternative to investing in expensive high-end laptops or VFX workstations. 🤑

With subscription-based access to professional VFX virtual production workstations, students can save significantly compared to purchasing new high-end GPU computers. 


Empowering the Next Generation


At CGPro, we want to not only support, but empower the next generation of students. We're making virtual production education inclusive across all income levels, challenging the traditional high-cost computer market. 

With our collaborative efforts, students from all walks of life can access top-tier resources, such as high-powered technology to help with workflow and ease, to unleash their creative potential. 🚀


Seamless Collaboration


But that's not all! This platform also provides collaborative project storage for students, facilitating seamless sharing of curriculum courseware among instructors. 

Plus, students can sync their work with Google Drive for continued access beyond the course completion to make certain that your learning journey doesn't end when the class does.


Your Gateway to Success


The industrial-grade Virtual Studio workstations are designed to get your project done. Whether you need a 50-user Rockstar Maya, V-Ray Studio, or a 13-person Next Gen Realtime studio — you’re covered. 

But what's even better than having a high-end virtual workstation? Having it connected at lightspeed to your team's virtual project storage and cloud render nodes. ⚡

With Virtual Studio, your projects are backed by 24/7 IT support, ensuring peace of mind to meet any deadlines you might have or answers to lingering questions that are causing roadblocks in your processes.


Sustainable Practices in VP Tech


Go Green with Sustainable Infrastructure | CGI VIRTUAL STUDIO

A big bonus to all of this? Virtual Studio is dedicated to investing in sustainable infrastructures. Their flagship facility utilizes alternative energy sourced from a local Hydro Electric Dam. 

Additionally, they leverage a deep aquifer and geothermal lake to cool your blazing Virtual Studio workstations for optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact. 🌏


Join Us Today!


Are you ready to embark on a journey into the future of virtual production? We’re especially excited to welcome Mac users for the first time! CGPro and CenterGrid Virtual Studio welcome you to join our partnership as part of your next course.

Find the right course for you at our next Open Day.

Set up a call with an Admissions Advisor.