Unlocking the Value: CG Pro's Price Point

Feb 05, 2024


In the realm of computer graphics, education is the key to unlocking your creative potential. At CG Pro, we've heard the concerns about the cost of our courses, and we're here to show you that the value you receive is not only unmatched but also comes at a fraction of the price when compared to traditional film university courses.

Taught Online Live:

Our commitment to live online instruction remains a cornerstone of the CG Pro experience. This dynamic and interactive learning environment not only provides real-time engagement with instructors but does so at a cost that is significantly more accessible than the hefty tuition fees of brick-and-mortar institutions.

Private Facebook Group:

The sense of community that our private Facebook group fosters is a unique aspect of the CG Pro experience. While many film universities charge premium prices for access to exclusive networks, we provide this invaluable resource as part of our commitment to creating an affordable yet comprehensive learning environment where students can get their questions answered quickly to get unstuck fast.



Building connections/relationships within the industry is crucial for success, and CG Pro ensures that you have access to a supportive community without the exorbitant costs associated with traditional networking events. Our virtual meet-ups and collaborative projects are designed to help you forge lasting connections without breaking the bank.



Staying on track with your education shouldn't mean breaking the bank. CG Pro's accountability measures are integrated into the program, ensuring that you receive the guidance you need without the high price tag often associated with personalized attention and progress assessments.


Recruiting Support:

Transitioning from education to industry is a critical step, and at CG Pro, we provide recruiting advice because of our commitment to helping you secure employment.  It is a testament to our belief in your potential, without the hefty price tag attached to traditional career services.


Taught by Industry Professionals:

Learning from professionals actively working in the industry is a privilege that CG Pro offers without the premium price tag of film university courses. Gain practical, up-to-date insights from seasoned tech artists and supervisors who understand the industry's demands and challenges, all at a cost that is significantly more affordable.


Final Project for a Pitch or Reel:

At CG Pro, education isn't just about theory – it's about practical application. Our programs culminate in a final project where you'll have the opportunity to develop a pitch or reel, showcasing the skills you've acquired throughout the course. This hands-on experience prepares you for the real challenges of the industry, setting you apart from the competition.


Certificate and Badge Verified on the Blockchain:

When you successfully complete a CG Pro course, you receive a certificate and a digital badge verified on the blockchain. This innovative approach ensures the authenticity of your accomplishments, providing you with a tangible and secure proof of your skills that employers can trust.



At CG Pro, we believe in making cutting-edge education accessible. Our commitment to live instruction, community building, accountability, recruiting support, industry-leading instructors, final projects, and blockchain-verified certificates comes at a cost that is not only reasonable but also substantially lower than most film university courses. Join CG Pro, where the value of your education exceeds expectations, and the cost remains within reach. Your creative journey begins here, without the financial burden.