The State of Unreal 2024 - A Few Highlights

unreal engine Mar 25, 2024

Wow, and TLDR:

Today, Epic announced several incredible updates to Unreal Engine and Unreal Editor for Fortnite, including the Unreal 5.4 preview which is now available for download in the Epic launcher!  Get it now, run it, and tell us what you think!


Unreal Engine Upgrades:

Nanite Adaptive Tessellation and Displacement has helped to create actual geometry that looks extremely realistic, at the same time, resulting in an incredible improvement in performance.


The volumetric smoke can now pick up the light from the fire and cast shadows on itself and on the environment in real time.  Whether there are particles in fog, on cards, or in open VDB, it all works in a unified way.


Amazingly, the new rigging tools mean that you don’t have to go out to a DCC and back in.  And animation tools are coming soon!


Also it’s worth noting that the asset sharing between building experiences and games adds a whole new level of multi-dimensionalism to world creation.


Unreal Editor for Fornite Upgrades:  

So far, in terms of having a ‘metaverse,’ Fortnite is unique in terms of the cinematic quality, the interactivity of experiences, and the high fidelity.


Being able to publish directly to the Epic store is a cool new feature, and it allows you to remove the cost entirely of publishing your games in the early stages.  They are pioneering in terms of assisting creators of games across the board.


UEFN is now accepting metahumans into it as non-player characters!  This is a total game changer in terms of quality.  


Some of the partnerships that Epic has are expanding to allow creators to join the fun and make money, highlighted by Lego, where you can now create your own Lego worlds using a wide range of Lego provided tools and assets.  You can actually play with Lego in VR virtually, create your own versions and  publish them for others to enjoy.  We are looking forward to seeing how the new collaboration with Disney will play out.


If this doesn’t convince you to learn more about UEFN, maybe coming to our free UEFN webinar will!