John Waynick Unreal Engine For Games & Film Blueprint Teacher

Unreal Engine Blueprints for Games and Film (LVL 200):

Embark on a 10-week immersive journey designed to unlock the potential of Blueprints and demystify their use with practical examples.

Elevate your skills and confidence as you navigate through the intricacies of visual scripting with relevant examples to both film and games.

Taught by John Waynick, Senior Tech artist in Games and Film, with 20+ years of Professional Work Experience, currently working as Lead Technical Lighting Artist on "Ashes of Creation" at Intrepid Studios.  He is also an Unreal Authorized Instructor and long time educator.





Office Hours:

Thursdays 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Pacific for 10 weeks

Guest Speakers:



Week 01

  • Intro to Blueprint
  • Programming Fundamentals for Blueprint

Week 02

  • Blueprint for Gameplay
  • Gameplay and UI

Week 03

  • Dynamic Prefabs

Week 04

  • Instances, Inheritance, and Classes

Week 05

  • Advanced Blueprint Control

Week 06

  • User Interface

Week 07

  • Database Driven Design

Week 08

  • Procedural Generation

Week 09

  • Blueprint and Cinematics

Week 10

  • Wrap Up and Graduation


Who this is for:  

  • Tech artists eager to advance in the gaming industry.

  • Developers and designers seeking to expand their skill set with visual scripting.

  • Film and animation professionals looking to improve their production techniques.

  • Those who want to create rich, interactive experiences for your players.


  • Develop Comprehensive Games:¬†Use Blueprints to build complex game environments and mechanics.
  • Improve Film Productions:¬†Apply Blueprints for dynamic film editing and effects.
  • Showcase Your Work:¬†Complete projects that can be added to your professional portfolio.


  • No blueprint experience required
  • Some UE experience. At least an Intro to Unreal Engine course, Interface Navigation, etc, but¬†you do not¬†need to be expert
  • Students who have taken John's Game Dev course can be exempt from the first two weeks of review, let your Admissions advisor know¬†

Some of what you get from this 45+ hour immersive course

Well Made For A Game Using Unreal Engine

Senior Technical Artist

Learn from an instructor actively working as a lead tech artist professionally

Well Made For A Game Using Unreal Engine

Office hours & guest speakers

Get support for your project straight from an Unreal Authorized Instructor, with top pro guests

Floating Island Made For A Game Using Unreal Engine

On Demand Videos

Get on demand access to the recordings and slides for the course even after it ends.

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