Game Design and Development In Unreal

The "Intro to Game Development in Unreal Engine" is an exciting 8-week program designed to help you transform your passion for gaming into a potential career. Led by John Waynick , Senior Tech artist in Games and Film, with 20+ years of Professional Work Experience. Currently working as Lead Technical Lighting Artist on "Ashes of Creation" at Intrepid Studios.  He is also an Unreal Authorized Instructor and long time educator.

Intro to Game Development in UE includes interactive lessons every Tuesdays, project labs & QA sessions every Thursday and industry guest speakers. 

It aims to take you from a complete beginner to someone who can create a fully-realized vertical slice of a game prototype using Unreal Engine 5, even if you have no prior experience. 

This course covers a comprehensive curriculum, from mastering Unreal Engine basics to creating custom characters, NPCs, and polishing your game for a demo reel.


Dates and info:



Office Hours:


Private FB group:

Support for your projects and technical questions

Guest Speakers and Topics:

Michael Arravelo (Blizzard) - Environments

Kevin Freeman (Riot) - Characters

Tamara Abas (Freelance) - Unreal Editor for Fortnite


Week 1 - Getting Started with Unreal - Learn the Unreal interface and how to work with assets while learning about physically based rendering
Week 2 - World Building and Level Design - Learn game specific techniques like modularity, trim sheets, and real time lighting
Week 3 - Intro to Blueprint - Learn basic programming fundamentals and how to use them with Blueprint visual scripting
Week 4 - Gameplay and UI - Create player resource systems and collectables, then track them in a user interface
Week 5 - Level Design Mechanics - Create interactive environments and gameplay elements in with Blueprint
Week 6 - Custom Characters - Use Animation Blueprints to add custom character as your player for the game
Week 7 - NPCs and AI - Add non player characters to your game, both friendly and AI controlled enemies
Week 8 - Polish and Playtest - Add final polish onto your game, playtest, and create a demo video



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Who this is for:  

  • Enthusiasts who want to harness their creative energy in game development

  • Professional artists navigating a new career path or building a new skill

  • Aspiring game developers exploring the foundational skills of game design


  • Use Unreal Engine 5 to create and implement effective game level designs.
  • Build an engaging game featuring bots, triggers, jump pads, and teleporters.
  • Master the art of game balance by strategically positioning weapons, power-ups, and other gameplay elements.
  • Seamlessly incorporate genre-specific conventions into your project.
  • Test and iterate your game level for optimal player experience.
  • Troubleshoot and modify game mechanics based on testing and feedback.

What's Waiting For You Inside

  • 40+ hours of 100% LIVE mentorship spread across 8 weeks including…

  • Interactive Lessons every Sunday (11:00 am to 2:00 pm PST)

  •  Project Lab & QA Sessions every Thursday (7:00 pm to 9:00 PST)

  • Occasional guest speakers — TBD

  •  Learn from top industry instructors and guest speakers

  •  Get hands-on experience and create your own portfolio-ready masterpiece

  • Micro-credentials and certification from CG Pro validated through our partnership with Epic Games.

  •  On-demand access to course recordings, slides, and materials of this course

  •  Access to the exclusive CG PRO private community post-graduation

  •  Post-graduation support to help you take the next steps in your career

    PLUS —  A 4-hour Intro training ‘Game Design Workshop’ to get you ready for the full course.

Some of what you get from this 8 week immersive course

Unreal Engine Game Film Blueprints

Senior Technical Artist

Learn from an instructor actively working as a lead tech artist professionally

Unreal Engine Game Film Blueprints

Office hours & guest speakers

Get support for your project straight from an Unreal Authorized Instructor, with top pro guests

Unreal Engine Game Film Blueprints

On Demand Videos

Get on demand access to the recordings for the course even after it ends.

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