Unreal Engine Custom Metahuman Animation (Lvl 200)

Make an Advanced Narrative Project Over 8 Weeks With Your Own Custom Characters!

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Office Hours:

Tuesday nights at 7pm - 9pm PST


8 week course


"This course is designed to help you take the next step in storytelling using Unreal Engine 5. Intended for those with some previous Unreal experience the goal of this course is to master animation in unreal and the art of the story over an intensely focused eight week timeframe.

We will begin by crafting a bespoke short story based off of a common theme and choose from one of several provided environments with which we will populate with our custom metahuman characters.

We will follow the same steps of a professional production by creating storyboards, previs, mocap, cinematography, control rigs, and character dynamics to enhance our showpiece. 

We will walk away with a highly impactful and polished short that is anywhere from :30 to 3:00 in length showcasing a high level of artistry and participants will feel fully prepared for a role in the industry working in Realtime film making."  Scott Rosekrans, VP Supervisor at Zoic Studios 


Week 01 

  • Story development
  • Metahuman creator 
  • Mesh to metahuman

Week 02 

  • Customize meta (head vs body vs clothes)
  • Rigging (Blender/Maya)
  • Digital Boards/Blocking

Week 03

  • Previs
  • Sequencer  
  • Cinematography

Week 04 

  • Mocap from Video
  • Mocap from suit  
  • Retargeting workflow

Week 05 

  • Control Rig
  • Skeletal Mesh Editor 
  • Constraints in sequencer

Week 06 

  • V cam/Dragonfly
  • Animation polish/graph editor
  • Facial Animation

Week 07 

  • Hair Grooms
  • Dynamic Cloth 
  • Physics asset

Week 08 

  • Niagara FX
  • Movie Render Que 
  • Projects due

Who this is for:  

  • You want to learn how Unreal utilizes metahumans and other characters for use in Unreal, Realtime, VR, or the metaverse
  • You want to learn the process of customizing characters with mocap, animation, clothing, and facial movement
  • You want to learn how non-humanoid rigs can be brought into Unreal and used
  • "This course is for BOTH people who come from an animation background and are looking to get into the reatlime workflow, AND anyone who wants to tell powerful stories but may not possess the skills to be a full time animator. That's the beauty of the Unreal Engine, for storytelling it is the great equalizer, it empowers everyone to achieve their vision, and I'm here to help you realize that goal."

What's Included:

  • Live instruction from an Unreal Authorized Instructor
    • Live teaching sessions
    • Office hours : Work directly with Unreal Authorized instructors (one evening per week)
  • Group Feedback Forum
  • Guests Speaker Steve Munoz (Zoic Studios) Paige Dansinger ( Altethos), and John Maclnnes (MACINNES Studios)
  • Course material downloads
    • Weekly Slides & Presentations
    • Additional Training Materials
    • Epic Exclusive Materials
    • Project download
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Top industry special guests TBA
  • Live teaching by a top industry professional

Some of what you get from this 8 weeks immersive course

Unreal Engine Game Film Blueprints

Senior Technical Artist

Learn from an instructor actively working as a lead tech artist professionally

Unreal Engine Game Film Blueprints

Office hours & guest speakers

Get support for your project straight from an Unreal Authorized Instructor, with top pro guests

Unreal Engine Game Film Blueprints

On Demand Videos

Get on demand access to the recordings for the course even after it ends, plus slide downloads.

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