VAD and Previz Roles in Virtual Production with Punn Wiantrakoon Ep 24

On top of being a filmmaker and graphic designer, Punn has lived his dream job—working for some of the most renowned studios in Hollywood. Some titles include Jurassic World, Mandalorian, and Jungle Book.

As a kid he was influenced by comic books but growing up in Thailand he deemed it impossible to work for Disney. But when he got into the United States, all doors of opportunity opened for him. He discovered his passion for art at an early age and this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Not able to fund his education, he went for the self-study route. He bought a book about computer software, worked his way through and the rest is history.

Being in the Visual Art Department is exciting. It's never been boring. You get to work with an amazing team, collaborate, and brainstorm ideas that fully translate into a perfect final product. Punn shares his experience and stories working as a visual artist. Don't miss this gem of an episode and listen now.


Highlights of the Episode:

00:00 Introduction

00:38 Introduction of Guests

02:17 Punn's story

10:20 The Pleasure of Learning and Finding things out

11:27 Knowing what to do early on

17:02 Passion for the industry

19:37 Fueled by passion

23:45 Generalist mindset

27:51 Having a good eye for visuals

30:14 Being coachable

32:25 When do virtual art and traditional art departments cross paths

34:52 What's the VAD like

39:56 Future of Photogrammetry

41:49 Previous output or final content

42:59 Does real-life production and filmmaking experience help in a previous role

44:10 What would a demo reel for a previous artist look like

46:17 Iterative workflow

49:14 CG character performance in the VAD

55:45 Collaborating with assets

58:29 Hard surface objects

1:00:00 Picking one aspect of unreal to really master

1:00:38 VAD Guilds


"All in all, I feel like you can't just be a model or a texture artist, a lighter, a rigger, you have to embody that generalist mindset. You have to think about the end product, the whole thing as a whole."

- Punn Wiantrakoon on the mindset you need to start in virtual production


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