Storytelling Through Practical World Building with Dani Bellar Pilukas Ep 26

Have you ever considered what your story could do for others? And how it can change their lives forever. Dani Bellar Pilukas, Director of Physical Production at Lux Machina, who used to work as a Disney Imagineer, told stories through world building. With a theater background as an actress, she harnessed the power of storytelling into her work.

She created worlds that allow every delighted child, grandparent and person from all walks of life to become emotionally affected. In this episode, Dani will share her experiences on creating sets that evoke strong emotions and vibrant ambience. Her passion for theater will get you excited and curious about what she has planned next. Watch this episode now.


Highlights of the Episode:

 0:00 Introduction

1:32 Dani's Story

8:46 Favorite Work of Art

12:52 Behind the scenes of production

14:18 Issues with working a new tool

18:55 Past experiences that helps creativity

21:13 Advice for producers

22:26 Dani's PA gig

26:57 Advice to how to learn the craft

29:52 Staying calm in the middle of chaos

31:55 Teamwork makes the dream work

35:51 Challenges, limitations and issues with volumes

37:11 Specific skill in order to get a job on an LED stage

41:10 Luck getting involved in the MSG sphere

42:09 Immersive audio

44:29 LED Domes

46:48 Director of physical production

48:21 Experience on Galaxy's Edge

52:20 Impact of the work

56:04 What excites you about the future of the industry

57:16 LED screens in the future

59:59 The purpose of reaching out to people

1:03:08 Opening Stage in Atlanta


“It's true. You all have capability. You're all smart enough. You could figure it out. We do it because it's interesting and because we want to do it and because it gives us an opportunity to tell bigger stories. I think most of us are storytellers.”

- Dani Bellar Pilukas on pursuing a career in film


“And I think it's trusting the teams that are around me that really allows me to keep that calm and say, we are going to solve this because it is the only option and that doesn't mean we're going to get the thing that we a hundred percent wanted. We may have to solve it in a way that we get something similar to what we wanted. We may solve it in a way we get something better than what we wanted, but what we will do is we will solve it”

- Dani Bellar Pilukas on teamwork


“I am not the strongest person for limitations and possibilities for the simple fact that I think everything is possible and limitations are able to be overcome.”

- Dani Bellar Pilukas

I mean, I'm a person who's willing to go into a space and watch a movie for 90 minutes and forget what's happening in the rest of the world. Maybe it teaches me something. Maybe it doesn't. Maybe I just laugh hysterically. I'm okay.” 

- Dani Bellar Pilukas


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