Cinematography and Virtual Production with Luc Delamare Ep 31


Luc Delamare is a virtual production cinematographer, supervisor, and visualization artist.  Defined by his admiration for the convergence of technology and creativity, his passion is bridging the world of live action cinematography and virtual production.  With both LED volume and CG cinematography experience, Luc’s work is grounded in reality thanks to his live action DP background.  Enabled by his past experience as a vfx supervisor and compositor, he prides himself on speaking–and translating–the various cinematic languages required by today’s highly technical productions. Most importantly, Luc is fluent in Unreal Engine.Luc has served as a “VP DP” for directors TK McKamy and Warren Fu, as well as clients like Google, Blizzard, & Western Digital.  In a past life as a visual effects supervisor, some of his previous clients included Apple, Nasa, Vivo, & 20th Century Fox. Having recently joined the world building lab, Impossible Objects, as Head of Technology, Luc now oversees IO’s implementation of new virtual production pipelines, with a special emphasis in visualization inside Unreal Engine.


Highlights of the Episode:

0:00 Introduction

2:05 Luc's story

3:34 What inspired Luc

6:08 Getting his first job

9:15 Softwares

15:10 Why unreal is standard

20:50 Recommendation to newbies

23:35 What helps with the process

28:02 Approaching a project

33:36 Managing storyboards

35:54 Favorite plugins

37:06 Combining tools

39:49 Developing your own assets

43:44 Customizing mesh

44:45 Virtual production

46:52 Green screen

49:10 How cinematography has helped

50:22 Tips for people who don't have a cinematography background

53:07 AI and Machine Learning

56:20 What is Luc excited/scared about

“ It became quickly clear to us that, you know, with the right mindset and the right approach, this tool is completely valid. “

- Luc Delamare on Unreal Engine

“I will say that this would be hard advice, don't download any software without a goal in mind. You know you'll immediately shut it down. No one wants to watch tutorials without an end in sight. So do it to build something that makes you happy that if you enjoy being creative in that sense”- Luc Delamare

“It's more the mindset, you know,  what can unreal help do to elevate this project? Because it's part of our pipeline cause we're not gonna be stubborn about things that just either aren't there yet or things that just may not make sense or things that the time is there to do this and do it a little slowly, then we can do it that way.”- Luc Delamare

“I was starting to understand that if you have this view and understand the tools at every end of the spectrum you know things can go a lot more smoothly and you can help communicate a story and just your ideas and in a lot more efficient manner.” - Luc Delamare

“For me it was groundbreaking because I could suddenly envision the way I would almost storyboard a movie or block a movie. I realized I could block the same way I blocked a live action commercial or narrative shoot. I could do the exact same thing in unreal.” - Luc Delamare

“The themes behind cinematography apply to any form of art, obviously. Of course it applies to virtual production and unreal engine as well. And so it's just another canvas to kind of explore this kind of thing that happens to be free. It happens to be a major tool that's kind of being explored in, in virtual production in general.” - Luc Delamare

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