Unreal Engine and Following Your Passion with Jonathan Winbush Ep 32

Winbush is a multi-award-winning motion graphics artist with over 15 years of experience working in a wide range of mediums from television, movies, to virtual & augmented reality. Over his career, Winbush has done work for Epic Games, Marvel, Netflix, DC, Warner Bros, & Happy Madison to name a few. Notable works include Iron Man, Lego Batman 2, Lego Harry Potter, Transformers, NFL on FOX, Power Rangers, Fantastic Four, Deadliest Catch, and My Little Pony. In the education space, Winbush creates tutorials weekly through Youtube as well as speaks at conferences around the world for shows such as Adobe Max, Siggraph, NAB, and UnrealFest. Winbush is currently a part of the Youtube Black Voice Fund and was also recently awarded the MegaGrant by Epic games to further support his educational efforts. You can find more information about Winbush at JonathanWinbush.com


Highlights of the Episode:

0:13 Introduction

2:14 Jonathan's Story

3:44 Inspiration from movies

6:36 Jonathan's work on movies

8:11 Internship

11:13 Advice for breaking into the industry

15:22 Helping each other

17:03 Youtube career

21:09 Value of education

23:00 Unreal Five vs Unreal Four

26:41 Real time evolution

29:14 Time management

30:26 How to keep things interesting

33:59 Advancement in technology

35:44 Blender application

45:11 Future of green screen and unreal engine

46:40 Good complimentary platform

48:33 Prioritize to learn: Blender or Houdini

50:58 Definition of artist

56:05 Things to look out for

59:44 youtube.com/JonathanWimbush

1:01:37 Mocap

1:04:30 Unreal Fest


“ This stuff should be fun. Like it shouldn't feel like work cuz it's like if you don't enjoy what you're doing, then it's just gonna make your day drag on. But if you're enjoying what you're doing, then it's just like the days go just like that. Like I could literally sit behind a computer for like 20 hours with no break just because I enjoy what I'm doing.“ - Jonathan Winbush


“Nothing can replace hands-on training like your internship or coming in as a junior artist, but it's also important to build the foundation and the building blocks beforehand. So you never wanna go into just cold turkey, not knowing anything. ”- Jonathan Winbush on breaking into the industry


“I had artists that I was actually under, that anytime I had a question, like no one ever turned their back to me. Like the motion graphics community was just so opening and they were uplifting each other, like everybody was helping each other..”- Jonathan Winbush


“I realized that people are coming for the educational content. So I tried to focus more on that. And as you know, like being an educator it's a process. You learn as you go. You're not only learning the software, you're learning how to relay this information to people too, to keep it interesting. Make it so they can relate and be able to take something away from it” - Jonathan Winbush


“And so there's different types of mediums in artistry. You can be a traditional painter or jar, but that's an old school mentality. That's not the only thing that's out there. Like there's an artistry to programming, there's an artistry to sculpting.” - Jonathan Winbush on definition of an artist


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Website: http://winbushimmersive.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jonathanwinbush


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