Building a Movie, Game and Metaverse in real time with Haz Dulull Ep 34

Haz started his career in Video games cinematics before moving into Visual Effects where he was nominated for several VES awards for his VFX Supervision work on CG heavy Docu-series for BBC, Discovery and History Channel. His short films (Project Kronos and SYNC) gained traction in Hollywood leading to his transitioning over to Directing & Producing with his breakout feature film THE BEYOND, the indie sci-fi was released in 2018 and was number 2 in the iTunes Charts before being licensed on Netflix and turning into a profitable movie. His second feature film - 2036 Origin Unknown, starring Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, The Mandalorian) earned a limited Theatrical release before landing on Netflix. He was then hired by Disney to helm the pilot for the action comedy series Fast Layne, where he also served as EP / Creative Consultant on the entire series.

Haz is the co-founder of the production company HaZimation producing animated feature films, series, video games, and Metaverse projects based on their propriety pipeline utilizing Unreal Engine.  The studio's animated feature film - RIFT, has just completed and will be getting its world premiere at the oscar accredited festival - Sparks ani


Highlights of the Episode:

0:00 Introduction

1:50 Introduction of guest

3:06 How Unreal Engine Revolutionizes Content

07:48 In Depth with Motion Capture

12:30 The Encouragement to Show Drafts

13:33 How Real Time Works

15:55 Expanding Creatively To Different Locations

18:48 Telling The Story in Any Medium

25:33 Detailing The Poster

31:46 How Violence in Content is Based on Perception

51:23 Creating a Car Chase Scene

104:23 Outro



"The only way to stay relevant is to keep creating content." - Haz Dulull


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