Directing Indie Feature Virtual Production with Peter Hyoguchi Ep 35

Peter Hyoguchi directed the first Super Bowl spot to utilize Virtual Production. He is a two-time recipient of the Epic MegaGrant for his sci-fi “Gods of Mars” proof-of-concept which created a propitiatory virtual production pipeline with a team of Oscar and Emmy-winning virtual effects artists whose credits include “Star Wars”, “X-Men”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Batman”, Quantum of Solace”, “The Dark Crystal” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”

Hyoguchi wrote and directed the dramatic feature “First, Last and Deposit” which won Best Drama at the New York Independent Festival and Best Feature at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival. It went on to air on IFC and Netflix. 

At fifteen years-old, Peter won George Lucas’s youth film festival for his short sci-fi film “The Future’s Future”. Two years later Hyoguchi received an art grant to direct his first feature film, “No Exit” by Jean Paul Sartre. 


Highlights of the Episode:

0:00 Introduction

0:36 Introduction of guest

2:17 Beginning of Peter’s journey

04:47 First you have to learn how to draw

11:43 Never short on inspiration

13:32 Finally got a video camera

15:22 Show Us the Future

16:54 First feature film

25:29 Lots of working at video stores and theaters

27:34 Mid twenties, writing screenplays

31:08 First time in CG

39:41 Access to the best filmmaking equipment and visual effects tools

41:59 If you had all of what we've got now back then

48:01 Advice to young filmmakers

49:21 How do you find where you belong?

55:43 Journey into virtual production and the Unreal Engine

01:09:50 Making everybody go back to school

01:12:02 What are you excited about doing next?

01:19:53 The story is everything

01:23:37 Stop everything and relearn everything

01:26:58 When are you making the movie of your life?




“People who are really successful in this business,  they have that knowledge. They have this crazy encyclopedic knowledge of film history and film grammar.” - Peter Hyoguchi


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