Virtual Production Supervising with Kathryn Brillhart Ep 36

Kathryn Brillhart is a Cinematographer, Director, and Producer who leverages volumetric capture, visualization techniques, and supervising visual effects to enhance projects. For the past decade, she has helped to redefine best practices and standards in virtual production and has advocated for diversity in the film industry through her role on the Global Board of Directors for the Visual Effects Society. Kathryn is a member of the Virtual Production Committee within the ASC Motion Imaging and Technology Council. Her recent work and role as Virtual Production Supervisor, incorporates real-time game engine and virtual production techniques to achieve in-camera visual effects, including such projects as Warner Bros. Black Adam (2022), Netflix’s Rebel Moon (2023), and Amazon Studios’ Fallout (2023)

Highlights of the Episode:

0:00 CG Pro Introduction
0:16 Introduction to Kathryn Brillhart
1:06 How did this all start for you?
5:43 Lessons from using film having already used digital
9:44 Room for a new role
12:50 Virtual production supervisor, how do you become one?
15:29 Influencing a dynamic environment
21:08 Approaching fear around new things for producers
23:56 Virtual production should save you money
30:24 Cinematographers learning unreal engine to help their own process
34:59 What does the role of virtual production supervisor mean when it's client side?
37:36 What's the biggest obstacle you faced in virtual production and how did you overcome it?
42:02 Gems you can offer about leadership, and the different approach between the older and younger generations in visual effects?
51:44 What would you advise people if they wanna learn leadership skills?
54:44 How do you track elements for virtual production?
58:54 Aspects of virtual production used on Black Adam
01:04:25 Volumetric capture workflows used film or tv
01:08:15 As a VP supervisor, are you the head of the VAD or part of the VFX department?
01:09:52 What are you excited about in the future of virtual production?
01:11:50 Are you still making your own films?


“When you start understanding how many different types of processes there are, it gets exciting as a filmmaker because you realize that all these different recipes for how you work affect the final product.” - Kathryn Brillhart

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