Innovation in AR and Virtual Production with Rene Amador Ep 42

Rene boasts 24 years of experience with 16 startups, starting young and working for his parent’s startups in silicon valley. He’s also directed over 350 commercials, short films, and pilots; primarily as co-founder and creative director for 8 years at digital agency Automaton Creative. Most recently as founder at ARwall, Rene won the SXSW Accelerator 2018 AR/VR category pitch, has been acknowledged as a top AR tech evangelist in Hollywood, and designed the first ARwall Lab in Burbank.

Highlights of the Episode:
0:00 Introduction
0:15 Introduction of guest
1:25 Rene’s background
9:29 Exposure to augmented reality
21:13 Allowing play and creativity into the process
24:34 ARFX
25:54 What it looks like in terms of process for a filmmaker
29:40 How much control you can have
32:23 A filmmaking and service company to help others make films.
36:07 Do your walls run on 220 electric or less?
38:07 How many insert stages are using it currently?
39:41 Working with set pieces and props
41:56 Building your own environments and plugging them in
45:07 Eliminating atmospheric smoke
46:39 Handling complicated LED volume output
48:43 Winning South by Southwest Award
52:05 Achieving balance
1:02:05 Outro

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