Being a Virtual Art Director with Peter Baustaedter Ep 49

Peter started his Visual Effects career in the mid 90s with Digital Domain. He worked on projects like Apollo 13, Titanic and Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within, until he found his was to Weta Digital in New Zealand.

As a Digital Matte and Concept Artist he created visuals for LOTR- The Two Towers, King Kong, Avatar amongst many other projects.

Switching tracks, Peter started working as VFX Art Director and also On Set VFX Supervisor in the early 2010s on a variety of long-form TV shows.

This led him to be hired as Virtual Art Director on Amazon's Rings of Power, a position he held for over 3 years over 2 seasons.

Peter is currently working on a high profile virtual production in Australia.

Highlights of the Episode:
0:00 Introduction
0:17 Introduction of guest
1:12 Background
16:23 Doing well at walking the line
19:30 Tools for photogrammetry
26:43 Team members for XR filmmaking
31:05 Flame sessions with clients in 3D environments
31:52 Unity vs Unreal
34:31 Guide to moving around different facets of visual effects and
virtual production
35:54 Seeing something that you should spend time on
38:04 Studies that leads to the industry
40:44 What do you do to keep on top of all the new technology
42:59 What the industry is looking like for entry level positions
48:10 Advice on keeping the passion through a long career
50:38 The right time to walk away from an opportunity
53:12 Getting perspective in the middle of a lot of noise
55:40 AI and how it's influencing production
01:01:48 Wrap up
01:02:24 Outro

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