Blender, 360 Video and Virtual Production with Alex Pearce Ep 51

Join us as we sit down and chat with Alex Pearce, our upcoming Blender Course Instructor, and chat about his experience as a Senior Creative Technologist at Light Sail VR!

Alex oversees the technical side of Light Sail VR including virtual production, photo-real visual effects, 3D pre-visualization as well as augmenting 360 video and real-time game engine development efforts. Alex's many years of experience as an industry thought leader has enabled his success with major clients including Apple, Google, United Airlines, Kia, VMware and the NFL, to name a few!

Highlights of the Episode:
0:00 Introduction
0:14 Introduction of guest
1:33 Background
11:43 What is virtual production?
14:19 Getting started with CG
26:44 Why users should get professional one-on-one training with Blender
28:40 Where Blender comes in as a good companion to the workflow
35:05 How virtual production can work with digital marketing
39:08 How much and what do you need to scrap for good performance in VR
42:26 Top programs to get familiar with when starting virtual production
46:04 Plans to help minorities in the VP scene
48:12 Packaging and delivery process of a UE to VR HMD system
50:44 Efforts to help military veterans transition into the CG world
53:10 The cons of Octane
57:49 Return of VR and using 360 plates on LED walls
01:00:28 AI and non-player character conversations in Unreal Engine
01:02:05 Thoughts on volumetric video and Unreal Engine
01:07:18 Wrap up
01:07:39 Outro


Connecting with the Guest:

Connecting with CG Pro:


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