Husband and Wife, Virtual Production Entrepreneurs with Jess Loren and Erick Geisler Ep 54

Welcome to another episode and today we sit down with two remarkable visionaries, Jess Loren and Erick Geisler, who are redefining the boundaries of digital realms and entertainment landscapes.

Jess Loren is a seasoned entertainment professional, tech entrepreneur, and internationally published author. As CEO and founding partner of To Whom It May Concern, a production services company, and Founder and CEO of Global Objects, she leads the charge in democratizing access to digital replicas of the world. With over 15 years of experience, she has overseen production & experiential projects for brands like Netflix, Hulu, Apple+, Microsoft and NVIDIA, and is a voting member of the Television Academy and a member of the Visual Effects Society. Jess's research on the brain's response to visual imagery continues to guide her work in virtual production, creative development, and experiential marketing.

Erick Geisler is a recognized technology leader and two-time Emmy winner serving as the Chief Technology Officer of Global Objects. With extensive expertise in innovative fields like Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs), generative AI, LIDAR scanning, and photogrammetry, Erick spearheads the development of realistic digital environments, democratizing access to digital replicas of the world. A voting member of the Television Academy and a member of the Visual Effects Society, he combines his technical prowess and artistic vision to drive the success of various projects across diverse platforms. His leadership at Global Objects is shaping the future of digital experiences across multiple sectors.

Highlights of the Episode:
0:00 Introduction
0:16 Introduction of guest
1:10 Early inspirations in film and production
12:13 Jess' start as an entrepreneur
20:04 Focus on AI
26:22 An industry in flux
29:22 Work in LightCraft Jetset
31:56 Locations and other reasons for starting Global Objects
35:22 Hiring for artists
40:07 Going after things as an entrepreneur
47:16 Sharing in the visual effects community
48:51 Competition between the Amazon and the Trellis stage
57:17 Tech and LightCraft Jetset
1:06:12 Advice for working with your significant other
1:08:48 First Friday
1:12:26 Wrap up
1:12:51 Outro

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