Virtual Production Producing with Ben Baker Ep. 56

Ben Baker Virtual Production Line Producer & Consultant has had a 22 year career supporting filmmakers on 3 different continents. He has been a Vice President of Studio Services for HBO, Vice President of Post Production at Vice Media and a head of department at Framestore VFX in the UK. He first started in Virtual Production after talking his way into the Epic Games Fellowship, and has consulted in Virtual Production for Amazon Studios, Disney TV, Accenture, and East End Studios. After producing the Virtual Production project FATHEAD for the ETC@USC, he established MESH ( to build the Virtual Production Department for Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis. Mesh is now producing Virtual Production projects for clients worldwide.

Highlights of the Episode:
0:00 Introduction
0:17 Introduction of guest
1:30 Ben Baker's career journey
4:57 The development of digital intermediate technology
9:43 Scaling Production and Virtual Production Experiences
14:53 Adaptability and Curiosity in the Visual Effects and Production Industry
19:57 Real-time environments in production
24:49 The Making of Killing Machine
29:35 The use of technology in virtual production
34:40 AI and the importance of storytelling
39:57 The Impact of Digital Technology on the Film Industry
44:52 The streaming revolution and its impact on content creators
49:57 The emergence of new forms of entertainment
54:48 Creating a virtual studio game
1:00:57 Outro

Connecting with the Guest:

Connecting with CG Pro:


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