Visual Effects with Bryan Grill Ep. 57

Bryan Grill, is Visual Effects Supervisor at Scanline VFX. Bryan has over 30 years’ experience in the visual effects business. He is currently serving as overall production VFX Supervisor on the upcoming Netflix feature, Beverly Hills Cop 4.

Prior to his current project, Bryan helped supervise the adventure-comedy Free Guy, for which he received both BAFTA and Academy Award® nominations, as well as the Russo Brothers’ The Gray Man, for which he was On-Set 2nd Unit Visual Effects Supervisor and Senior Visual Effects Supervisor for Scanline.


Highlights of the Episode:
0:00 Introduction
0:16 Introduction of guest
1:30 A passion for film and visual effects
5:00 A Journey from Receptionist to Digital Effects
10:01 Transition to Digital Effects
15:00 Virtual Production Techniques for Filmmaking
20:02 Virtual Production and Entering the Visual Effects Industry
25:01 Skills for a successful compositor
30:01 Succeeding in the CG industry
35:02 Learning the fundamentals of CG
40:01 Visual Effects Industry: Challenges and Growth
45:02 Solidarity for the next generation
50:01 Benefits of in-person collaboration for artists
55:00 The use of technology in film
1:00:01 Advances in Visual Effects Production
1:05:00 Achieving success in the visual effects industry
1:10:01 Bob Ryan's words of wisdom
1:13:07 Outro


“At the end of the -day, it's all about serving the story. It's not about how technically Advanced it is. It's like, does it serve the story?” - Bryan Grill

“I wanted to be a leader. I had to learn how to treat people and basically treat people the way you would want to be treated. That will go a super long way. ” - Bryan Grill


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