Creating Games, Movies and Unreal Editor For Fortnite (UEFN) with Haz Dulull Ep. 59

HaZ started his career in VFX before transitioning to directing & producing feature films ( The Beyond, & 2036 Origin Unknown, both were licensed to Netflix)) and series (Disney’s Fast Layne), before founding production company HaZimation, along with co-founder Paula Crickard (Film post producer veteran including latest - Expendables 4) producing animated feature films, series and video games based on their propriety pipeline utilizing Unreal Engine.

The company has recently completed RIFT (animated feature film) and is in production on their next animated feature film (based on the game IP: Mutant Year Zero) set up at their newly launched Belfast office.

As well as original PC / Console video games which includes a spin off game to RIFT called Max Beyond (signed with Microsoft ID@Xbox), and most recently released an original UEFN game. Moontopia is now available on PC and all Consoles (Xbox series, PS4/ PS5), Nintendo Switch & Android, by booting up Fortnite and then accessing it via the Discover Tab and then Island Code: 3538-0241-3570 Link:

Highlights of the Episode:
0:00 Introduction
0:16 Introduction of guest
1:48 The Benefits of Working in the Creative Industry
4:56 Gaining experience in the film industry
9:58 The Benefits of Technology in Collaboration
14:49 Leveraging Unreal Engine for content creation
19:57 The development of Fortnight
24:55 The development of Moontopia’s new mechanic
29:51 Monetizing games with Unreal Engine
34:57 Overcoming legal and ratings obstacles in game development
39:56 Creating Narratives in Fortnight
44:50 Advances in technology for game development
49:52 The Benefits of Mobile Device Development
54:54 Being picky and hands-on with work
59:52 The importance of understanding animation tools and Unreal Engine
1:04:53 Potential of open source tools
1:10:33 Outro

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