Motion Graphics and Unreal Editor for Fortnite with Jonathan Winbush Ep. 62

Winbush is a multi-award-winning motion graphics artist with over 15 years of experience working in a wide arrange of mediums from television, movies, to virtual & augmented reality. Over his career, Winbush has done work for Epic Games, Marvel, Netflix, DC, Warner Bros, & Happy Madison to name a few. Notable works include Iron Man, Lego Batman 2, Lego Harry Potter, Transformers, NFL on FOX, Power Rangers, Fantastic Four, Deadliest Catch, and My Little Pony. In the education space, Winbush creates tutorials weekly through Youtube as well as speaks at conferences around the world for shows such as Adobe Max, Siggraph, NAB, and UnrealFest. Winbush is currently a part of the Youtube Black Voice Fund and was also recently awarded the MegaGrant by Epic games to further support his educational efforts. You can find more information about Winbush at


Highlights of the Episode:

0:00 Introduction

0:10 Introduction of guest

1:02 Jonathan Winbush's success and habits

5:00 Design and Animation Tour

10:01 Motion Graphics Artists on the CG Tour

15:00 AI disrupting the film industry

20:00 AI tools in motion graphics

25:00 Revolutionizing motion graphics with Project Avalanche

30:01 The importance of play and exploration in digital art

35:01 Benefits of Real-Time Rendering & Setting Boundaries

40:00 Unreal Editor for Fortnite: A Tool for Creators

45:00 Epic Games' tools for game development

50:01 Motion Graphics Artist Working on Fortnite Projects

55:02 Benefits of staying aware of tech trends

1:00:01 Creating Content and Tracking Progress

1:05:00 Navigating Artistic Criticism and Unreal Engine 6

1:10:00 Learning Unreal Engine 5

1:15:01 A Resource for Learning Unreal Engine

1:20:00 Conversation with VR and Unreal Expert

1:23:18 Outro


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