Skills of a Virtual Production Supervisor with Sheiva Khalily Ep. 63

Sheiva is a virtual production supervisor for Lux Machina Consulting, a company specializing in the design, development and implementation of state-of-the-art extended reality stages for broadcast, film and live events. She received her B.A. in Theatre from UCLA and immediately began working as a freelance projection designer in opera and theatre. Sheiva worked for Disney Shanghai as a technical specialist for several stage shows before joining Lux Machina where she has worked as an engine operator and producer for the ground-breaking and award-winning League of Legends: World Championships in Shanghai and lead engineering teams as the virtual production producer and supervisor for multiple extended reality volumes and live events.

Highlights of the Episode:
0:00 Introduction
0:10 Introduction of guest
1:52 The journey to virtual production: Shiva Khalily's story
5:00 A journey of self-discovery and growth in the virtual production industry
10:03 The value of not having a plan in your career
15:01 The role of risk-taking and overcoming the fear of failure in the film and technology industry
20:03 The importance of flexibility and purpose in career paths
25:00 The importance of a strong team and work-life balance
30:01 The pros and cons of projection and LED technology
35:00 The role of humility and relationships in the entertainment industry
40:02 Experience in the industry and favorite projects.
45:00 The evolution and challenges of tools and hardware
in the media server industry
50:01 The use of multiple cameras and AI in the film industry
55:01 Essential skills for a junior VP in today's fast-paced world
1:00:01 Reflections on purpose and future plans

Connecting with the Guest:

Connecting with CG Pro:


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