From Early VFX to Virtual Production with Jim Rider Ep. 64

Season #1

Jim Rider is a Visual Effects Supervisor and Virtual Production Supervisor with over 25 years of experience in film and television. After beginning his career shooting models & miniatures, Jim transitioned to compositing, working as an artist and then VFX supervisor at facilities such as Method Studios, Gravity and The Mill. As an independent Visual Effects Supervisor, Some of Jim’s recent clients include HBO and Apple Studios. 


His extensive filmography includes iconic productions like Titanic, Star Trek (TV series), Requiem for a Dream, Angels in America, Evan Almighty, The Adjustment Bureau, Tower Heist, Non-Stop, Foxcatcher, Run All Night, Vinyl, The Deuce, The Plot Against America, and more.


Seeing ICVFX as the perfect fusion of his VFX skills and years of on-set experience, since 2020 Jim has veered the ship of his career firmly toward virtual production, having worked as Virtual Production Supervisor at Final Pixel and now at the new Pier 59 Studios volume in Manhattan. Truly exciting times.


Highlights of the Episode:

0:00 Introduction

0:08 Introduction of guest

1:46 A conversation with visual effects pioneer Jim Ryder

5:01 The role of motion control technology in the visual effects industry

10:02 The use of practical effects and CGI in the movie Titanic and the speaker's transition into compositing

15:00 The fast-paced and collaborative world of a freelance flame artist

20:02 The evolution of film production and its impact on virtual production

25:01 The use of robots and CGI in the film industry

30:02 The use of a combination approach in creating visual effects for movies

35:01 The potential of real-time rendering and virtual production in the entertainment industry

40:02 The impact of technology on visual effects careers

45:02 The potential of virtual production in film and television

50:00 The evolution and potential of virtual production

55:02 The role of AI in the creative industry

1:00:01 The role of producers in using Chat GPT

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