Virtual Production Supervising with Ian Fursa Ep. 65

Season #1

Ian Fursa has 12+ years production experience from running his own production company to working on films and commercials as a director of photography. Now combined with 3+ Years of on set Virtual Production experience and having worked on countless productions as Vp Supervisor and ICVFX Supervisor with companies such as Apple TV, Netflix, Disney, NHK Japan, Vu, HBO and many more. 

 Developer and CEO of the internationally used Vp Toolkit Unreal Engine Plugin and educational workflow series, Ian is now a high profile educator in the virtual production community. He has worked with educational institutions around the world with a single goal of bringing more availability to these tools while advancing the technology.

Highlights of the Episode:

0:00 Introduction

0:08 Introduction of guest

1:34 Ian Fursa’s journey in virtual production

5:00 The journey to discovering virtual production

10:01 Journey into the film industry and approach to creating original work

15:01 Learning from failures in film production

20:00 Difference between working on large-scale productions and smaller projects

25:00 The challenges and responsibilities of a virtual production supervisor

30:02 Preparing for a complex shoot with virtual elements

35:00 The importance of proper media server installations for virtual production

40:00 The development of a production toolkit plug-in for Unreal

45:00 Challenges of creating accurate content for LED walls

50:01 Real-time compositing and using green screens and LED walls in virtual production

55:02 The benefits of using chat gpt in creative work and AI-generated assets


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