The Future of Concept Art with Kino Scialabba Ep. 68

Season #1

In this episode, guest Kino Scialabba, an accomplished artist and art director, digs into his artistic background and educational journey, leading to his career in film and gaming. Kino shares how mindfulness shapes his creative process, and he touches on the importance of self-care for artists. The conversation also explores his transition to using tools like Unreal Engine, his approach to client collaboration, and his thoughts on the future of concept art with emerging technologies.


Time Stamps: 

00:03:16 Kino talks about his upbringing in art, military academy, and art school, and his early interest in becoming an artist, paleontologist, or superhero.

00:09:27 Kino talks about his use of Photoshop for fine art, and his experimentation with combining artwork and photography.

00:13:25 Kino gives his unique perspective on art influenced by anthropology, understanding the reasons behind art movements and cultural changes.

00:20:03 Kino talks about his technique of visualizing being in the womb to clear his mind and stimulate creativity.

00:21:53 Kino discusses the importance of giving time and space to oneself for creativity and mental expansion.

00:23:45 Kino shares how he balances personal creativity with client work, utilizing his own time for sketching and note-taking.

00:30:32 Kino talks about the impact of 3D tools and Unreal Engine on the creative process and the shift towards using 3D and Unreal for client projects.

00:26:50 Kino explains his approach to working with clients and directors, focusing on adding to their ideas and creating a collaborative environment.

00:38:47 Kino talks about the importance of developing a unique style while being able to replicate various styles as a concept artist.

00:42:26 Kino discusses the impact of AI on art, its role as a reference tool, and the potential for AI to take over the creative process.

00:46:50 The conversation delves into the polarizing nature of AI in art, copyright issues, and the potential for AI to infiltrate various creative industries.

00:49:40 Kino emphasizes the importance of cultural knowledge and specialization for artists in the age of AI, and the need to adapt to changing creative directions.

00:53:14 Kino shares his experiences with learning sound and exploring different aspects of creativity within Unreal Engine, encouraging play and experimentation.

01:00:18 The conversation touches on the potential for collaborative creation in virtual reality and the future of technology, including the possibility of a holodeck-like experience.

01:02:11 The discussion moves to Kino’s extensive work in the industry and the excitement of working on numerous projects.

01:02:42 Kino discusses his work on the movie, Minority Report, and the innovative technology used in the film's design.

01:03:56 Kino reflects on his role as a visual futurist and his contribution to designing various elements in movies, including technology that became reality.

01:06:28 Kino shares insights into the intricate design process for creating futuristic settings, emphasizing the importance of thorough research and attention to detail.

1:10:06 Kino emphasizes the value of learning from others, collaborating, and openly sharing knowledge and experiences in the artistic community.

01:13:09 Kino stresses the importance of continuous learning and community involvement for artists, promoting a supportive and collaborative environment.


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