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Unreal Engine For Filmmakers Connectors Program

|     Level 100/200     |     8 Weeks     |     LIVE     |

Generalist Unreal Course - Our most popular generalist Unreal Engine class for beginner to intermediate Unreal learning, with three weeks of world-building fundamentals.

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Checkout for Jan 14, 2024

Unreal Engine for Filmmakers Connectors Program -=VIP=-

|     Level 100/200     |     8 Weeks     |     LIVE     |

Ultimate VIP - Includes Unreal Engine for Filmmakers Class, 1-1 Coaching, Perforce setup with you Plus More!

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Checkout for Jan 14, 2024

Blender Comprehensive - Generalist Deep Dive.

|     Level 100     |     8 Weeks     |     LIVE     |

Create a full project in Blender.  Model (Manually and procedurally), Rig, Animate, Create materials, Light and Render.
Create or modify assets in Blender for use in Unreal Engine.
Understand how to get things to and from Unreal Engine.

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Checkout for Feb 11, 2024

Unreal Engine Blueprints for Games and Film (LVL 200)

Learn 100% LIVE online step by step for eight weeks how to work with Blueprints and some of the different ways it can be utilized in Unreal Engine for both games and virtual production.

Taught by John Waynick, Senior Tech artist in Games and Film, with 20+ years of Professional Work Experience


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Checkout for February 20, 2024

UA Custom Metahuman Animation (LVL 200)

|     Level 200/300     |     8 Weeks     |     LIVE     |

Create a Narrative Project with Custom Characters over eight weeks. Set up your custom Character from another DCC, or by customizing Metahumans. Control rig, cloth, Groom, Customizing clothes, Mocap, Retargeting, Animation, and Anim Blueprints.  Taught by Unreal Authorized Instructor and VP Supervisor Scott Rosekrans.

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Checkout fo February 25, 2024

Real Time Environment Art Mastery


|     Level 100/200/300     |     4*8 Weeks     |     LIVE     |

CG Pro is proud to present this amazing full mastery track! Master the craft at an incredible price, + our Inner Circle for a year!

  1. Unreal For Filmmakers
  2. World Building In Unreal Engine
  3. Blender Comprehensive
  4. Real Time Asset Development

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World Building in Unreal Engine 5

|     Level 200/300     |     8 Weeks     |     LIVE     |

CG Pro & Narwhal Studios bring you the most comprehensive World Building course out there. Learn from the best on how to design and build a world to run in Real-Time and look photoreal. Whether you already do or aspire to work in an Art Department, VAD, or just for your own projects.  This course starts with a presumed knowledge of Unreal Engine.

  • October 28, 2023 - SOLDOUT
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Houdini for Generalists

|     Level 100/200     |     8 Weeks     |     LIVE     |

Get comfortable with Houdini fundamentals - Simplified path to learning Houdini and procedural workflows.
Be able to model and build worlds procedurally, to simulate basic FX like cloth, particles, fluids
familiar with Motion processing: Mocap and procedural retargeting(live linked).
Become proficient in USD and Unreal Engine Integration. 

  • July 22, 2023 -  POSTPONED
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Unreal Engine ICVFX for Tech Artists (and Broadcast)

|     Level 200/300     |     6 Weeks     |     LIVE     |

Learn the technical skills it takes to prep for and run a volume for Virtual Production, with LED and Green Screen.  The Intro to Virtual Production Workshop comes FREE with a purchase of this course.


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Virtual Production for Producers

|     Level 100/200     |      4 Weeks     |     LIVE     |

Learn how to organize and run a shoot for Virtual Production, including Line Items, Staffing, Technical Run-throughs, Unreal Engine and more

  • New Dates TBA
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